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Åsnes Amundsen Fram BC Waxless

Åsnes Amundsen Fram BC Waxless

Åsnes Amundsen Fram BC Waxless
Åsnes Amundsen Fram BC Waxless
Åsnes Amundsen Fram BC Waxless
Åsnes Amundsen Fram BC Waxless
Åsnes Amundsen Fram BC Waxless

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Delivery time approximately 14 - 30 day(s).
Delivery time approximately 14 - 30 day(s).

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Product description

Amundsen Fram Waxless is a waxless ski, stiff along its length, narrow enough for groomed tracks but perfectly at home in the mountains. A ski for long mountain excursions, with a higher pocket over the grip zone than the Amundsen, the full steel edge and the stiffness and stability of the Amundsen Fram Waxless make it ideal for treks with extra weight – perfect for adventurers planning long trips with a sled or heavy loads.

The Åsnes fish-scale pattern provides excellent grip, regardless of condition, without time spent waxing. Amundsen skis are equipped with Skinlock, ready for an X-Skin to be locked into the centre of the ski in seconds. So although the Amundsen BC is narrow enough for groomed tracks, a climbing skin can be instantly attached for climbing.

Roald Amundsen (1872–1928), the first man to reach both the South and North Poles, was a polar explorer, discoverer, researcher and flight pioneer. He navigated the Northwest Passage and was a pioneer in the use of airships and planes in polar research. Many of his expeditions were made with the Polar ship ‘Fram’, owned by the explorer Frijdtof Nansen.

Choosing the right length (see chart)

Ski length is determined according to body weight and height. The table below is only a guide, however – experience, skill, terrain and individual needs can all influence your choice of length.

Generally speaking, moving through rugged terrain calls for shorter skis than the open mountain plateau. And for beginners, short skis are easier to control. If you’re mainly skiing along tracks, length isn’t the most crucial factor. For good float on deep snow, a slighter wider ski is useful. Lighter skiers might consider a shorter ski; heavier skiers a longer ski. Skiers with loads such as backpacks and sledges might consider a longer ski.

Length: 180, 187, 194, 201, 208 cm
Width: 67-57-62 mm
Weight: 1010 g per ski (201 cm)
Material: poplar wood core
Use: long trips, expeditions, groomed tracks

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 30 x 2080 x 30 mm.

Traction pattern

2,2 kg
(with sales package 2,5 kg)

Country of origin
Czech Republic

Harri P. verified buyer, 31.3.2023
Overall rating
Erittäin hyvät sukset tuntureille tai hangille.
Conor G. verified buyer, 1.2.2023
Overall rating
My wife likes these a lot. True double camber. A straightforward backcountry xc ski. Very light and nimble.
Heikki I. verified buyer, 17.12.2022
Overall rating
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It does well on basic terrain in terms of grip even with the bottom roughing. The skis are sturdy, there is no slipping sideways, the sled remains. Stiffer compared to cross-country skis. The ski is also just right for the piste career. In bends, you can brake a little to the edges of the groove.
Arttu H. verified buyer, 21.10.2022
Overall rating
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A great downhill ski.
Anonymous verified buyer, 22.4.2021
Overall rating
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Really good, high-quality ski, works well in downhill skiing, also in traction with ascending hairs
Nickname Tk 22.5.2021
Show original
Awesome and well-functioning skis in the fell in spring
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