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Alfa Outback A/P/S 2.0 GTX Mens (NNN-BC)

Alfa Outback A/P/S 2.0 GTX Mens (NNN-BC)

Alfa Outback A/P/S 2.0 GTX Mens (NNN-BC)
Alfa Outback A/P/S 2.0 GTX Mens (NNN-BC)
Alfa Outback A/P/S 2.0 GTX Mens (NNN-BC)
Alfa Outback A/P/S 2.0 GTX Mens (NNN-BC)

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Alfa Outback A/P/S 2.0 GTX Mens (NNN-BC) Black


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Product description

This comfortable and extra warm back country ski boot has an integrated gaiter with a two-way zipper for enhanced ventilation, making it ideal for use on long, cold trips, as well as in loose snow. The boot is a further developed model of the bestseller Gaiter / BC A/P/S GTX. The new inner boot has a improved heel shape to prevent blisters. The new construction also ensures even better stability during descents.

The boot is winter lined with a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX membrane and has heat-insulating midsole to keep your feet dry and warm. Furthermore, it is reinforced with Kevlar in exposed areas and is suitable in even the most demanding ski trip in the mountains. Extra toe reinforcements protect the leather from sharp ski edges.

Note that certain snow/crust conditions are an extreme strain on the boots materials, and with use under such conditions, increased wear is expected.

WEIGTH: 925 g pr shoe/boot (EU 42)
SHAFT HEIGHT: 17.5 cm (EU 42)
GAITER HEIGHT: 42.0 cm (EU 42)


Size chart

Place a paper close to the wall and with bare feet place the foot on the paper, with your heel to the wall. Since it is important to stand up straight, preferably have someone help you draw a line in front of the longest toe. Remember to measure both feet as they might not be identical. With a ruler, confirm the measurement in centimeters and add additional space accordingly. For Backcountry, Touring and Expedition add approx. 1.5 cm

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 400 x 350 x 130 mm.

Binding type


Gore-Tex / corresponding

2 kg
(with sales package 2,63 kg)

Country of origin

Jarmo K. verified buyer, 9.5.2024
Overall rating
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An absolute favourite. No tendency to chafing, even long stages of up to 50km. Very good quality and durable. Dries quickly and retains heat well. Choose a size that feels a little too big.
Anonymous verified buyer, 16.2.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Cannon boot, warm and good with high shafts. For both skiing and long-distance skates.
Janne K. verified buyer, 30.1.2024
Translated by GoogleShow original
Good and warm. My shoe size is 43 and I also chose it for these overalls. There is enough room for the toes. When skiing, I use one slightly thicker wool sock.
Anonymous verified buyer, 30.1.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Best of all, they are warm even at -30 degrees. The gaiters are perfect, you couldn't ski without them. Necessary in a dead end. You can rely on the size chart, rather take sizes that are too big than fit. The zippers all work flawlessly. So no complaints.
Lasse H. verified buyer, 12.1.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
High-quality overalls. I have skied small runs about ten times and they have met my expectations. I ended up with these because of the integrated gaiters. I haven't worn them in snow up to my knees yet, but the leg warmers can be tightened very well and the snow hardly gets into the pound. My foot size is usually between 43-44 in shoes and I got the 43s. There is plenty of room for wool socks etc. in addition to normal socks. A few runs in -30'C and the toes stayed warm.
Anonymous verified buyer, 1.1.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Warm and excellent overalls for closed projects and fells.
Jaana T. verified buyer, 10.12.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Good and robust, warm boots.
Robert B. verified buyer, 26.11.2023
Overall rating
Very good boot I know from a previous tour in the arctic. Reasonably warm down to -35°C and the integrated gaiters are a definitive plus in deep snow. Since I had problems in choosing the right boot size online, here is my own experience. I have perfectly average feet with a length of exactly 27.0cm, which in most cases fits a size 42. According to Alfa's recommendation this would translate to a boot size of 44 (27.3cm). That's a size I've never ever had and judging from other reviews these boots seem to be on the large side. Thus I chose boot size 43 and tried them on with a three-layer system consisting of thin liner socks, VBL socks and thick wool socks. There still is about 1cm in the toe box left and the fit is comfortable. In warmer conditions with fewer socks there is space aplenty and a size 44 would've been too large. Hope that helps.
Janne K. verified buyer, 6.2.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
A warm ski jacket with an integrated gaiter that is great for keeping the snow out and the heat inside. The boots have a wide last and there is plenty of room for the toes. I took a mono (44) one size bigger than my normal shoe size, which left a lot of room even for thick double socks without swaying in the leg. With a thin sock, size 43 according to the size chart would probably have worked better. The monos are quite stout and therefore heavy.
Riitta R. verified buyer, 30.11.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
For wider feet, I recommend this men's model for women as well, and it also fits wool socks better
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