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Orca 226 Tri Top Men's, Black Orange, S

Black Orange

Orca 226 Tri Top Men's
Orca 226 Tri Top Men's


Black Orange, S

Väri: Black Orange
Koko: S

Myymälä (Helsinki)hyllyssä1 kpl heti
Netistä toimitettavissa heti1 kpl heti

Osa tämän tuotteen malleista on vapaana varastossamme. Tämän tuotteen toimitusaika on heti, jos sitä on vapaana varastossamme ja muuten arviolta 3 - 30 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on melko hyvä

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Sijainti myymälässä Myymälä (Helsinki): Sukellus & vesiurheilu

Tuotteen kuvaus

Made with a breathable, high-performance mesh, this sleeveless jersey provides maximum comfort during long distance races, wicking away sweat and keeping the body at an ideal temperature. Made with a reflective design on the back for safety, this jersey will keep you visible in low light conditions. With the large pockets on the lower back, you will be able to store everything you need for your training sessions and races. Designed for those who like to push their limits.
  • STRETCHSKIN - This state-of-the-art technological fabric adjusts to your body like a second skin in order to provide you with necessary muscular compression. The fabric's hydrophobic treatment keeps the garment dry at all times, while providing
  • UPF 50+ - sun protection.
  • VAPOUR-COOL - This nanocrystal technology keeps your body cool and quickly wicks away sweat to keep you fresh and comfortable during the race.
  • ENDURO MESH - Made with a high-performance mesh, the Tri Tank provides a high degree of breathability and moisture wicking. STORAGE Two pockets on the lower back provide all the space you need to store your food and keep it on hand.
  • VISIBILITY - Its reflective design gives you extra visibility in the darkest hours.


UV-suojakerroin (UPF)

12 kk

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