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Vain tuotteen ostaneet asiakkaat voivat antaa tähtiarvostelun. Arvostelun voi antaa aikaisintaan 14 vrk tuotteen toimituksen jälkeen.
kenji o. kirjoitti 20.12.2020:
注文から7日で到着。EUエリアからとは思えない速さに感謝。 このザックは35Lにしては非常に軽量。大満足です。
Riccardo P. kirjoitti 17.7.2020:
I love this backpack, in fact I already own his 20liters version (that I largely reviewed on The Alpha AR 35 is a pack designed with alpinism in mind. The the N315r LCP, this ArcTeryx patented material feels very durable and reliable. It didn't show any wear after a year of intense use on the rocks and trails. Regarding waterproofing, I would say no pack can be considered full waterproof (except diving bags). Still, the Alpha AR 35 repelled the heavy rain of a Japanese Typhoon beautifully during the rain season. So far, my computer and all my belongings were safe; I guess the test passed! This backpack is engineered for mountain activities; The capacity allowed me to fit my alpine kit plus light bivouac gear. I loaded it to the maximum and didn't feel any problem in comfort. I would say that can carry almost the same amount of gear of my ArcTeryx Alpha FL 40L (new model). I definitely recommend to people looking for a technical backpack for alpine ascends or simply trekking. I would say it could be overkill for day-to-day use in urban environment.