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Vain tuotteen ostaneet asiakkaat voivat antaa tähtiarvostelun. Arvostelun voi antaa aikaisintaan 14 vrk tuotteen toimituksen jälkeen.
Ray L. kirjoitti 23.1.2020:
I have only recently received the tent so haven’t used it yet. Making a decision to buy a suitable shelter became a lengthy process due to the variety of options and features from different tent manufacturers. I never really new much about what Helsport had to offer until I started to research them due to an internet search hit. I finally opted for the Reinsfjell Superlight due to its features verses it overall weight. I was especially impressed by the inner tent having minimal mesh. I want to use this tent in a variety of conditions so being able to open and close the mesh panels on both doors and the incredible space to weight ratio clinched it for me. No other manufacturer could meet this criteria. The only area of concern would be how the untapped ground sheet would hold up to water ingress. I usually use a footprint and did buy the one made for the Reinsfjell so hopefully this won’t be a problem. Helsport make some great gear and I’m very happy with my purchase.
Teijo R. kirjoitti 7.8.2018:
Suojaa hyvin teltan pohjaa repeytymästä risukoissa ja pitää myös sateella kosteudelta nousun maasta poissa. Eikä teltanpohja likaannu multa/savikko maastoissa. Suosittelen?