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Vain tuotteen ostaneet asiakkaat voivat antaa tähtiarvostelun. Arvostelun voi antaa aikaisintaan 14 vrk tuotteen toimituksen jälkeen.
Siupan C. kirjoitti 18.2.2021:
very good optics, but the eyecup is a little bit short when fully extended, causing blackouts when pressed against the eyes.
Michael Y. kirjoitti 12.1.2021:
Good pocket binos. But more detail can still be seen with stabilized bins. Hope Zeiss will release a stabilized version in future.
Katherine C. kirjoitti 17.12.2020:
These bins are the best I have ever used. They are lightweight but provide an incredible amount of light for the size and will be perfect for me to take on backpacking trips. I really like the single hinge design and find it easy to adjust with my left hand. Very little to no chromatic aberration around the edges. I have a few small gripes but none have to do with the viewing: the provided lanyard can’t be put on without undoing the strap that connects the attachment thread to the body of the lanyard. I also wish the provided case was lighter weight and smaller to match with the point of buying small binos. Lastly, it would be great for Zeiss to design small protective caps for the lenses when not in use. However, none of those affect the functionality of the bins and certainly wouldn’t deter me from buying them. Therefore, I still rate these 5/5.
Michael M. kirjoitti 20.5.2020:
High quality product which is easy to handle.
Yifei Y. kirjoitti 5.2.2020:
The image is crystal clear and chromatic aberration is reduced to very low level