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Angela G. 06.12.2018:
Kommentti: I have chosen this to keep me warm through cold desert nights as well as camping in temperate rain forest areas in the Andes. It will be complemented with Cocoon Merino liner which adds 7 deg C to the warming properties. Obviously a little bulkier and heavier than a down bag would be but I will be able to rely on it in humid conditions as well. I had my share av sleepless nights in humid weather in a down sleeping bag. There is one more advantage with the ajungilak filling compared to down filling; being slightly less compressible it adds further comfort to my mattress. To be perfectly honest, a sleeping bag in natural biodegradable material like silk/linen outer shell and alpaca wool filling in natural colour or eco-dye would have been the ideal but my Mammut Kompakt MTI will do until I find one or make my own. Note in the lower key; strangely enough, there is far too much synthetics and harmful dye in the 'outdoor' world for no one's good least for Mother Earth.