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Vain tuotteen ostaneet asiakkaat voivat antaa tähtiarvostelun. Arvostelun voi antaa aikaisintaan 14 vrk tuotteen toimituksen jälkeen.
Hannu K. 21.1.2021:
Valtteri K. kirjoitti 21.8.2019:
Hyvin istuva takki. Hartioissa erityisesti hyvin tilaa. Plussaa on tuuletus aukot kyljissä. Miinusta pari vetoketju taskua edessa joihin ei käsillä pääse sisään, aivan liian pienet.
Laurence L. 3.1.2019:
Yleisarvosana kirjoitti 27.2.2018:
Huippulaatuinen takki !
Paavo S. kirjoitti 29.9.2017:
tim l. 20.5.2017:
Nimimerkki SamBuddy kirjoitti 23.12.2020:
I'm writing this in english so that if this goes to manufacturer they don't have to learn finnish first :) Also, this review concerns both the coat and the trousers, but as I'm concentrating on the coat, I'll put it here. has included this suit it in their "buy it for life" selection. I bought the suit about a year ago and have used it quite a lot, mostly in late fall and winter, in rather wet conditions. Overall, I'm satisfied with the suit. It's well made and generally the materials are good. Zippers are quality items, so are the snap fasteners. being of a goretex membrane cloth, the waterproof and breathability values are good - although breathability of membrane clothing always leaves you wanting if you're on the move. However, the suit is not perfect. There are few desing items, mostly about pockets, that I wish were executed in a different matter - and one material choice that I simply cannot understand. I'll start with my pet peeve that plagues so many outdoor coats and jackets - breast and chest pockets. This coat has three; one so called "napoleon" pocket under the front zipper wind flap, one inside breast pocket, and one outside chest pocket. These are all on your left. So, if you carry something in all of them, you have a inconvinient bulge on your left. I understand the logic of keeping the right shoulder free for rifle/shotgun, but I would prefer to have at least on of them - the inside pocket preferably - on the other side. This is a common desing philosphy with many manufacturers. The pockets are also very snug fitting. This means that they are less likely to snag on branches, but limits their carry capacity. This is particularly apparent with the rear (game) pocket. This pocket really should be a pouch. Now, it's difficult to fit and carry anything that is not flat in that pocket. As said, all the other pockets are smaller than one would expect, both on the jacket and trousers. Now, the unfathomable material choice. It's the trim piece on coat sleeve mouth. Chevalier - what on earth!? It sucks up every drop of water it comes into contact with, and then transfers it into the sleeve of your shirt, ensuring to keep your wrists wet and cold. I cannot find a single good reason using that material, what ever it is made of (I suspect its imitation suede). You could have used leather, polyester, weaved nylon, silicon... So many hydrophobic options, and you chose what's essentially a sponge. Above sounds like a lot of negative aspect, but in truth the suite is not bad at all, quite the opposite. It's just that for the price, I would not expect such desing issues to be present. In overall, I can and do recommend the suit.
Nimimerkki Timo kirjoitti 4.9.2020:
Vielä tuon hartia/hiha mitoituksen lisäksi yksi miinus reilun vuoden käyttökokemuksen jälkeen. Nimittäin, tähän malliin ei sitten tahdo löytyä huppua, ei ainakaan kovin helposti. Muuten tuote on ihan ok, mutta tuohon hintaan pitäisi kyllä huppukin löytyä kun kyseessä on kuitenkin metsästystakki.
Nimimerkki Timo kirjoitti 22.6.2020:
Hyvä takki, ainut miinus hartia mitoituksessa. Hihan mitta kohdillaan, mutta hartian seutu piirun verran liian pieni.