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Vain tuotteen ostaneet asiakkaat voivat antaa tähtiarvostelun. Arvostelun voi antaa aikaisintaan 14 vrk tuotteen toimituksen jälkeen.
Tero S. 13.09.2019:
Kommentti: Tämä on loistokeitin. Vielä kun hommaa lisävarusteet niin käyttö paranee.

Sami K. 20.01.2019:
Kommentti: Nopea!

juho t. 23.12.2018:
Kommentti: Hintansa arvoinen ja nopea keitin !

Niko P. 18.08.2017:

sami i. 09.07.2017:
Kommentti: Lyhyille reissuille, esim. kalareissuille riittävä keittiö.

Mari V. 07.05.2017:
Kommentti: Kätevä retkellä. Toimii risuilla, kävyillä sun muulla palavalal aineksella.

Nimimerkki varg 25.09.2008:
keittää kahdessa minuutissa +15 asteessa ja vesi tunturipuro vettä käytettäessä kuivia käpyjä ja jäkälää.Sopii veden keittämiseen todella hyvin,mutta jos pitää ruokaa hauduttaa ei sovi.

Nimimerkki J. Geoghegan, New Zealand 24.05.2007:
It was during a Fishing Holiday in Ireland in 1998 (with none other than Mr. Kelly himself (Padraig) – a famous fishing guide on Lough Conn & a world class trout fly fisherman, that I first saw the ‘Kelly Kettle’. It was a horrendously wet and windy day and our waterproofs had failed us….we were wet through. Miserable and cold, we headed for the shelter of an Island for lunch where Padraig quickly set about filling his wonderful Kettle with Lake Water and gathering small sticks/deadwood. Despite strong winds and driving rain, he achieved a rolling boil within minutes and served up a Teapot full of scalding tea for our enjoyment. I was absolutely dumbfounded! I purchased my Kettle that evening and brought it home. I never go fishing or camping without it. I have also used it during power failures after Storms when it comes in extremely useful.

Nimimerkki Dave Inks, Montana, USA 24.05.2007:
The Kelly Kettle has been a tool of choice for me for over 20 years. I am still using the original unit and it works great. I am in the field most of the year and travel worldwide and always have my Kettle along. It is my only source for eating, drinking and bathing in the wilderness. The Kettle has never let me down and I have become very attached to it.

Nimimerkki Jamie Reap Third Lake, IL. USA 24.05.2007:
What a pleasure my Kelly Kettle has been since receiving it a couple of years ago. There is no longer stretch of time known to man than the time spent watching water boil! My Kelly Kettle gets a hot drink underway so quickly that cooking a camp breakfast is a whole new experience. Good luck and continued success

Nimimerkki Chris Anstey, Central Newfoundland, Canada 24.05.2007:
I purchased this kettle in November of 2005. I have boiled water in many types of vessels using different heat sources be it white gas stove, propane stove, open fire, etc, during all the seasons and in variable weather conditions and I must say that for the handful of small dry splits and I do mean handful along with some birchbark to get things going I have never seen anything boil water so fast. I purchased the smaller of the two kettles taking into consideration the size when on trips on snow machine and atv.This is the only thing I have seen yet where you can place your water in the kettle and cork it, have all the fuel you need in the flu so that as soon as you stop for a boil up all you have to do is take it out of your pack stand it up remove the cork and place a match at the base and your water is boiled in 4-5 minutes. I am very impressed with it and looking forward to using it on the trail over this coming winter.

Nimimerkki Graham Strowes, Fife, Scotland 24.05.2007:
When you need boiling water in a hurry there is nothing better than a Kelly Kettle. It is fast, uncomplicated, and absolutley reliable. It will burn almost any fuel in any weather quickly with no fuss. I never go camping without it.

Nimimerkki Ib Hammer, Lead Instructor, Land Rover, Denmark 24.05.2007:
I saw the Kelly Kettle for the first time when participating in the Camel Trophy back in 1995 - and when I started running off-road courses for our customers I bought two kettles more than five years ago. They have been used heavily ever since and are still in use. Easy to use, very fast when we need boiling water for coffee in the wilderness - and a get together point when we have a break in the driving.