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Vain tuotteen ostaneet asiakkaat voivat antaa tähtiarvostelun. Arvostelun voi antaa aikaisintaan 14 vrk tuotteen toimituksen jälkeen.
andrew l. kirjoitti 27.1.2021:
Haven't used it yet as fishing season is currently closed but looks good so far, extremely light, very reactive and well finished
Jen D. kirjoitti 20.1.2021:
I ordered the Guideline LPs 9'6" 2wt. I have used it 5-6 times tight line nymphing. The butt section has enough backbone to land larger fish, while the tip section is sensitive enough to detect light strikes or feel your nymphs ticking the bottom. The overall quality is very decent especially when compared to the price - definitely a bargain. A nice down locking reel seat, good guides, quality wraps and finish. I have a longer nymphing rod, but also wanted a shorter rod to fish smaller mountain streams with overhanging branches and tight quarters....this rod works well for that purpose. I look forward to throwing a dry or small dry/dropper rig with it.