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Vain tuotteen ostaneet asiakkaat voivat antaa tähtiarvostelun. Arvostelun voi antaa aikaisintaan 14 vrk tuotteen toimituksen jälkeen.
Sotirios A. 26.8.2020:
Excellent ergonomics and just the right effort required for my 188cm/110kgs frame for a quick and efficient result! Easy to carry...
Clive S. 26.8.2020:
Just bought a paddleboard and I had an old red paddle pump which struggled to get over 15 psi. So I brought a Red Paddle Co Titan Pump from varuste. I was very impressed, the pump got it to 20 psi straight away, no sweating, great. What also impressed me was the reasonable delivery charge and the speed of delivery for Finland to the UK, great service