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FrictionLabs Magic Chalk Ball, refillable

FrictionLabs Magic Chalk Ball, refillable

FrictionLabs Magic Chalk Ball, refillable
FrictionLabs Magic Chalk Ball, refillable
FrictionLabs Magic Chalk Ball, refillable

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Magic is a reusable chalk ball. It comes in a permeable cotton fabric and is perfect for keeping in your chalk bag - on its own or floating in one of our loose chalk blends. Magic is designed to create as little mess as possible and to last significantly longer than the old chalk balls you're used to.

Why use a chalk sphere instead of your traditional loose chalk?

This comes down to your personal preference. Some people prefer the feeling of chalk spheres to loose chalk. Some people like to mix the two. Some gyms require chalk balls to prevent spills and dust. Chemically, it doesn't matter - whichever one is right for you, you can be sure you're getting the highest quality, cleanest chalk anywhere.

Does Magic come in different blends/types/flavors/animals?

Not this time - because of the fabric, we use an extremely fine Magnesium Carbonate designed to get out of the fabric and onto your hands as easily as possible.

Since it's reusable, do you sell refills?

Not yet, but we're working on it. In the meantime, Unicorn Dust works great as a refill since it's already so fine in texture.

Designed to help you consistently climb at your limit, FrictionLabs chalk is made for climbers, by climbers.

This is not the same old white-labeled generic chalk climbers are used to. Responsibly refined in Denver, CO USA and stripped of all unnecessary fillers, FrictionLabs chalk gives you unrivaled moisture absorption and skin health. Like a high performance climbing shoe, our high purity Magnesium Carbonate makes a single application far more efficient, giving you the extra edge to focus on sending not slipping.

#chalkmatters, and we've helped thousands of climbers, from new climbers to FrictionLabs Pros finally find a chalk they can rely on, on every move. Never chalk up mid-crux again!

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 300 x 240 x 80 mm.


0.062 kg (myyntipakkauksen kanssa 0.30 kg)


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