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Oakley SI Ballistic M-Frame Alpha Terain Tan/Grey

Oakley SI Ballistic M-Frame Alpha Terain Tan/Grey



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Tuotteen kuvaus
ALPHA is an ecosystem - - modular and scalable to meet the unique demands of those who face the unknown. Whether a soldier is configuring a weapon or a load carriage, versatility is key. That's what inspired the ALPHA concept, a design that offers multiple configurations based on the mission and methods of infiltration. ALPHA is a three-part system composed of a frame, gasket and goggle. A single lens works across all platforms.
Interchangeable lens to optimize performance in any environment
Replacement lens compatible with the HALO goggle - Compatible with HELO-ALPHA Gasket accessory
Flush-mount surface creates a Venturi effect to maximize airflow and prevent fog build up
Anti-fog capability enhanced with three-point retention architecture and horizontal venting system
Hybrid lens shape to maximize comfort and field of view
Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant O MatterTM frame material
Comfort and performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
Thin stem technology enables compatibility with over-ear hearing protection and communication systems - System features quick, tool-free lens changing
Ultra lightweight design (1.05-ounce total weight)
Full compatibility with helmet-mounted night vision devices
Full compatibility with MICH, ACH, CVC, PASGT, Ops-Core®, Team Wendy® and CryeTM Helmets
Impact and chemical resistant O Matter® frame material
Frame suitable for all face sizes
All optional lenses are made of Plutonite®, Oakley's high purity optical-grade polycarbonate
All lenses feature Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO®) with Polaric EllipsoidTM geometry
All lenses feature an advanced anti-fog coating
UV protection of Plutonite lens material that filters out all UVA / UVB & harmful blue light up to 400nm wavelength - Meets or exceeds high mass and high velocity impact requirements per ANSI Z87.1-2003/2010
Meets or exceeds ballistic fragmentation impact standards per MIL PRF-32432
Secure fit, even in wet conditions via hydrophilic Unobtainium® nose pad
Clear lens features 89% visible light transmittance, suitable for use in low-light to no-light conditions
Grey lens features 15% visible light transmittance, suitable for bright light; meets MCEPS neutrality and chromaticity requirements


0.98 kg (Sisältää mahdollisen myyntipakkauksen painon)


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