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FROG.PRO LC-12CR, Ranger Green



Multicam Black
Ranger Green
Tan 499

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Tuotteen kuvaus
The LC-12CR is a chest rig with an excellent load capacity that is well suited to any use, it consists of 12 columns for 3 rows of PALS. It weights only 205 g.

The new PALS system is build of a proprietary composite fabric called LAHYCO®, made of Hypalon® and Cordura® 500D that reaches incredible physical and mechanical characteristics. The LAHYCO® is the base standard for the development of the new FROG.PRO LC (Laser Cut) line. This new technology allows us to replace the traditional MOLLE PALS system made of nylon webbing sewn at regular intervals on Cordura® fabric, with a new technical drawing laser cut on the new composite fabric. The new design, fully compatible with the earlier standard MOLLE systems, is lighter, stronger and allows us to add some special features such as utility holes for shock cord or slots for QASM buckles.

The 4 attachment points design allows the operator to use the same chest rig combined both with a plate carrier, in the needs of ballistic protection or with a shoulder straps when mobility and lightness is needed. The inner Velcro, which provides great stability when the chest rig is coupled to the plate carrier, can be covered to ease the use combined with an harness. The inner part is made of 3D air mesh fabric that, togheter with a soft padding, ensures optimal comfort and breathability.

Our attention to detail, combined with personalized design, offer a unique product that reflects our commitment to “state of the art” military equipment.

Weight: 205 g
Dimensions: 58 x 19,5 cm (without buckles)

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