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Hal Koerner's Field Guide to UltraRunning

Hal Koerner's Field Guide to UltraRunning




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Training for an Ultramarathon - 50K to 100 Miles and Beyond

Ultramarathon doesn't leave much room for mistakes. Now runners can avoid learning the hard way and get a jump on training for an ultramarathon with Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning, a comprehensive handbook to running 30 to 100 miles and beyond, written by one of the most experienced and recognised athletes in the sport. 

Hal Koerner is among America's best ultrarunners with podium results in more than 90 ultramarathons. In his smart, down-to-earth handbook, Koerner shares hard-earned wisdom, field-tested habits, and insider tips to help runners prepare for a first ultra or set a new ultra PB. 

Runners will find out everything they need to know about how to train for an ultramarathon, including the best gear for ultrarunning, fueling and hydration guidelines, choosing an ultra race, trail-running technique, first-aid advice, beating the weather, smart race-day game plans, crew and pacer tips, and mental strategies to get to the finish line. 

The guide offers three detailed ultrarunning training plans to prepare for 50K, 50-mile to 100K, and 100-mile ultramarathons.

Hal Koerner is one of America's top ultrarunners. He has won Hardrock and twice won the Western States 100. He has finished on the podium in over 90 ultramarathons, setting fastest known times on the Colorado Trail and the John Muir Trail.

Adam W. Chase is a sports writer, trail runner and ultramarathoner, adventure racer, and Ironman triathlon finisher. He is the trail and gear editor for Running Times magazine and contributes regularly to Runner's World and Competitor magazines.

Author: Hal Koerner with Adam W Chase

No of Pages: 224

Page Size: 152 x 225 mm

ISBN 10: 1937715221

ISBN 13: 9781937715229

Publisher: Velo Press

Published Date: August 2014

Edition: 1st edition, Aug 2014

Binding: Paperback

Illustrations: Tables and charts

Weight: 370g

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