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Groundspeak Geomate.jr Update Kit

Groundspeak Geomate.jr Update Kit


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Add the latest new geocache listings to your the Geomate.jr for the United States or any other country using this Updater Kit!

Three easy steps to use the Updater kit:

STEP 1: Go to and sign up
STEP 2: Plug your Geomate.jr into your computer
STEP 3: Update your Geomate.jr

The Geomate.jr Updater Kit features the following:

One-click updates of your Geomate.jr to get the latest geocache locations
Access traditional geocache locations in the U.S. (excludes Premium Member only listings)
Load complete lists of geocache locations for other countries
Set user preferences for your Geomate.jr or even give it a nickname
No subscription, no service fees, no update frequency limits

The Geomate.jr Update Kit currently supports PC only. Mac support will be coming soon.

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