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Lonely Planet Shanghai

Lonely Planet Shanghai

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Sijainti Myymälä (Helsinki): Retkeily, 11

Tuotteen kuvaus
8th Edition May 2017

Shànghǎi: few cities in the world evoke so much history, excess, glamour, mystique and exotic promise in name alone.

Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Shanghai, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice:

  • inspirational images, 3D illustrations, city walks and recommendations from our expert authors
  • planning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip
  • local secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip unique
  • plus the Bund 3D walking tour, architecture in Shànghǎi, full-colour maps and a guide to local cuisine

Coverage includes: Plan Your Trip, The Bund & People’s Square, Old Town, French Concession, Jìng’ān, Pǔdōng, Hóngkǒu & North Shànghǎi, Xújiāhuì & South Shànghǎi, West Shànghǎi, Understand Shànghǎi and Survival Guide.

Book details

ISBN: 9781786575210 Language: English

Authors: Kate Morgan, Helen Elfer, Trent Holden

320 pages, 320 pp colour, 32 maps | Dimensions: 128mm x 197mm

Next edition due: May 2020

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 200 x 130 x 14 mm.

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