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Amplid Kodama

Amplid Kodama

Amplid Kodama
Amplid Kodama
Amplid Kodama
Amplid Kodama
Amplid Kodama
Amplid Kodama
Amplid Kodama
Amplid Kodama

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Tuotteen kuvaus

The Kodama is designed with an impressive amount of surface area within its one-hundred-and-fifty-six centimeters. Its name, when translated from Japanese, reveals its intended rider: "The Spirit Living in the Forest." The majority of the board's surface area is concentrated towards the front, promoting cork-like flotation, while its compact tail facilitates swift turns, especially when navigating wooded terrain.

The entirely black base not only enhances the board's aesthetics but also simplifies the process of repairing core shots. Additionally, there's a notable enhancement for the upcoming 23-24 Splitboard collection – the introduction of tip and tail holes for easier skin mounting, allowing for quicker transitions. Embarking on self-propelled adventures in low-visibility storm conditions just became even more enjoyable.

Featuring a half-fat camber, this board excels in all-mountain terrain. Its streamlined dimensions provide a sharp and dynamic experience akin to Pop Camber, but with significantly enhanced performance in deep snow a more “broken-in” feel out of the shrink-wrap. In Amplid's directional snowboards, a hint of early rise is incorporated into the Cruise Camber to further enhance buoyancy.

  • Using Biaxial Glass in the construction of shreds gives them a flawless blend of response and playfulness whilst keeping them ridiculously lightweight
  • A smooth kick radius and fuller tip outline improves deep snow floatation without adding swing weight
  • Extruded base material offers next level glide properties and rarely needs waxing
  • Using threaded bolts instead of rivets allows broken tip clips to be easily replaced, on the hill, without the need for a workshop full of tools
  • Uber light wood varieties are cut, treated and aligned in a way only Amplid factory knows. Its strength to weight ratio has scientists baffled
  • Tough, pre-cured composite impact plates placed beneath bindings and touring hardware significantly reduce the risk of topsheet dings and breakages
  • Forged aluminium board hooks, designed in-house by Amplid’s R&D team, offer a dependable, but weightless connection between board halves and have a slick matt black aesthetic

Technical Features
Camber: Dir. Cruise / Low with early rise
Shape: Swallow tail

Approx:  3.35 kg

Size and Fit
Rider weight-range (kg):  55 - 95

Overall length (mm): 1560
Nose length (mm): 260
Effective edge (mm): 1140
Running length (mm): 1105
Tail length (mm): 180
Waist width (mm): 268
Underfoot width front (mm): 282
Underfoot width back (mm): 273
Nose width (mm): 312
Tail width (mm): 296
Sidecut depth (mm): 18.5
Sidecut radius (m): 9
Stance position: 30 back
Nose radius (mm): 800
Tail radius (mm): 800
Ref stance (cm): 56 (52-60)
Active surface area (cm2): 4181

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 1600 x 350 x 100 mm.

All Mountain, Freeride, Puuteri, Takamaasto

Miehet, Naiset, unisex

Advanced, Beginner, Expert, Intermediate

3,35 kg
(myyntipakkauksen kanssa 3,5 kg)

24 kk

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