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FROG.PRO Multi Purpose Organizer Chiron Horizontal

FROG.PRO Multi Purpose Organizer Chiron Horizontal

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FROG.PRO Multi Purpose Organizer Chiron Horizontal Black / Coyote 498
Black / Coyote 498
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FROG.PRO Multi Purpose Organizer Chiron Horizontal Black / Red
Black / Red
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It does not matter that you are performing a special operation, a rescue mission, whether you are exploring nature or experiencing the hectic pace of the city. Carrying the "tools of the trade" in an organized way is essential to be always ready and efficient, in every scenario. But how to perfectly organize objects very different from each other by scope and size without creating every time a specific custom pouch? The patented system Multi Purpose Organizer FROG.PRO is the answer. Thanks to the high grade of modularity given by the MPO (Multi Purpose Organizer), it is possible to customize the contents of a pouch or backpack by positioning the objects and choosing the retention method to better fit the profile of the mission, as well as its intended use.

The MPO combines two different systems: MOLLE PALS and Multi-Dot.  The MOLLE PALS system allows the specific pouches to be firmly fixed on the platform for all those accessories that require protection from bumps and scratches, or those which require a particular functionality that only the special pocket has. The slots can also be used to add Velcro® One-Wrap strips to attach objects visibly, marking them different colors such as Black, Coyote 498 and Red.

The Multi-Dot system allows objects to be fixed using a 1/8" shock cord by passing it inside the holes to create the most suitable weave for the object that will be transported, modulating the tension and the number of retention cords. It is also possible to use the holes to screw rigid kydex pouches, which usually have threaded holes for applying belt clips. The Multi Purpose Organizer panels are made of 1mm thick plastic technopolymer which makes them light, strong and durable: they are rigid enough to hold their shape, but at the same time they can be folded many times without breaking.

The Multi Purpose Organizer Chiron horizontal features laser-cut Velcro® Ultra-Mate on the back that allows it to be applied on any surface with Velcro® loop tape, such as the inside of the Chiron Mini IFAK, the Modular Reconnaissance Task Bag or the inside of tactical backpacks. But it can also be applied directly on the furry fabric that covers the trunk or the roof of the car. The Chiron horizontal version differs from the Chiron vertical version in the orientation of slots and holes.

n.1 Multi Purpose Organizer Chiron horizontal
n.2 ITW Nexus® GTSP Cordloc
n.1 meter of shock cord 1/8″
n.50 cm of One-Wrap tape in Black color
n.50 cm of One-Wrap tape in Coyote 498 or Red color

20 g

16 x 10 x 0,3 cm

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 150 x 150 x 30 mm.


0,02 kg
(myyntipakkauksen kanssa 0,1 kg)


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