Duotone Neo 5.0 Kite Only

Duotone Neo 5.0 Kite Only

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The Neo is the gold standard for kiteboarding in waves, with incredible drift, total control, and capable of getting you to the top of the podium in wave and strapless freestyle competitions. If you ride a surfboard, this is the kite for you, pure performance, and incredible durability.

The Neo has more championships and accolades under its belt than any other kite on the market. It's been at the forefront of the surfboard movement within kiteboarding from the start, and that's not changing anytime soon. A set of unique characteristics combine to make this the best wave riding and strapless freestyle kite on the market. Firstly, the legendary drift enables you to ride waves how you want, focussing on your turns rather than worrying about the kite. This also helps in onshore conditions where slack lines are a regular occurrence; the kite will hang in the air giving you time to put tension back in the lines. When the wind is cross-onshore, you need a kite that can turn fast as you carve your lines into the face of the wave; once again, the Neo delivers! It's dynamic, it’s responsive, the turns are quick, and the change of direction is near-instantaneous. With multiple settings on the tips, you can also tune the kite to the day's conditions; having a flatwater strapless freestyle session, set it for maximum pop and powerful loops. Shredding the waves, tune it for maximum drift and rapid turning speed. The real ace up the Neo's sleeve is the power it delivers across the wind range; it's got lots of low-end power, meaning you can ride a smaller, more dynamic kite. The upper range is huge, with lots of depower, allowing you to have a 2-3 kite quiver to cover most wind conditions. If you are serious about riding a surfboard, whether for shredding waves or boosting airs, the Neo is the only kite you will ever need.

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Kite Only

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