Duotone Dice 5.0 Kite Only

Duotone Dice 5.0 Kite Only

Duotone Dice 5.0 Kite Only
Duotone Dice 5.0 Kite Only

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Duotone Dice 5.0 Kite Only C01:coral-red
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Duotone Dice 5.0 Kite Only C02:mint
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The Dice is the kite for you if you’re an advanced rider, you love to do freestyle but also want a kite that can handle huge airs and smash some waves! Perfect for kite loops, the performance of the Dice will excite you every time you hit the water.

The Dice has a pedigree of performance in its ancestry, designed to be a freestyle kite with serious ability in other disciplines. It is the perfect kite for riders who love to throw down the latest tricks, sending some big airs and huge kite loops and even enjoy smashing a few waves from time to time. The secret to the versatility lies in the incredible control this kite can offer. The steering is extremely precise, and this allows you to boost huge jumps, send big airs and use the kite for fast turns in the waves. A real jewel in the crown is the unhooked performance, though. The kite has a good amount of power delay, so once you pop unhooked, the lines will slack and allow you to perform the latest tricks with ease. As you land, the kite will reengage, allowing you to ride out your tricks without worrying about the kite crashing. These characteristics make it the choice of pro riders, who are just as at home in the tube of a big wave in the Canaries, as well as boosting loops in Cape Town and throwing handle passes in the lagoons of Brazil. If you’re an advanced rider who likes to ride a variety of styles and don't want your kite to define how you choose the ride, the Dice is the kite that's got your back every session.

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Kite Only

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