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Houdini Tree Longsleeve Shirt Mens

Breeze Blue Light

Houdini Tree Longsleeve Shirt Mens
Houdini Tree Longsleeve Shirt Mens
Houdini Tree Longsleeve Shirt Mens
Houdini Tree Longsleeve Shirt Mens

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Breeze Blue Light, M

Väri: Breeze Blue Light
Koko: M

Myymälä (Helsinki)hyllyssä1 kpl heti
Netistä toimitettavissa1 kpl heti

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Sijainti Myymälä (Helsinki): Vaatteet, 4, varasto

Tuotteen kuvaus

The wonderfully soft and smooth fabric in combination with a timeless cut makes this a favorite in any wardrobe, especially in the summer. Men’s Tree Longsleeve Shirt is the perfect travel companion, great for just hanging out but also surprisingly functional for more active days. The cool and dry touch of the fabric is just as nice to wear to the beach as a day hike or camping trip. 

A garment like this does not rely on technical features, but in the comfort and extraordinary hand touch of the fabric. Men’s Tree Longsleeve Shirt is made from 100% TENCEL Lyocell, produced using wood pulp from sustainably sourced trees in a closed loop production facility with minimal waste. The fabric is made from fully renewable sources and is biodegradable and certified with the EU Ecolabel.

Men’s Tree Longsleeve Shirt is a wardrobe staple for any active lifestyle. The super smooth and cool fabric provides shade on any summer travel, hike or other moderate activity. The next-to-skin comfort will make you want to wear it every day all year around.
  • Soft, smooth and cool fabric
  • Renewable and biodegradable fabric
  • Fabric marked with EU Ecolabel
  • Soft next-to-skin
  • Closed loop production process with minimal waste
  • Superior moisture absorption
  • Light and cool
  • Made from renewable and biodegradable fibers
  • Recyclable

170 g (size L)

Size and Fit
Fit: Regular
Model is 185 cm tall and is wearing size L

100% TENCEL Lyocell
Fabric weight: 124 g/m²

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 280 x 70 x 220 mm.

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