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Cressi Gara Turbo Carbon Fin Rails

Cressi Gara Turbo Carbon Fin Rails

Cressi Gara Turbo Carbon Fin Rails
Cressi Gara Turbo Carbon Fin Rails
Cressi Gara Turbo Carbon Fin Rails
Cressi Gara Turbo Carbon Fin Rails

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Sijainti Myymälä (Helsinki): Sukellus, 25, varasto

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Following the impulse project Cressi has successfully transferred the same design parameters for s-shaped undulating deformation to this innovative carbon fin. This particular movement permits a notable accumulation of elastic potential energy in the blade, which is released in the return kick, transforming into thrust. The effect has been achieved using a finite elements programme that enables the performance offered by carbonfibre to be exploited to the full.

The blade is all-carbonfibre with an angle of 29°.

The fibre is imported from Japan, manufactured by Mitsubishi to strict qualitative protocols. The shaped and processed sheet is then produced in a specialist plant in turkey. The blade is subsequently finished with an industrial co-moulding process at cressi’s genoa plant. The elevated chemical bonding achieved between blade and rail, effectively creating a single piece, has permitted the elimination of the rigid glue that prevented the carbonfibre blade from flexing naturally.

The thermoplastic rubber used for the water channelling rails is extremely flexible and soft so as not to undermine the intrinsic characteristics of the carbonfibre. The blade is therefore less fragile and more protected by the rubber.

The end result is a very light fin, with every square millimetre exploiting the flexibility of the carbonfibre to the full.
  • 29 degree angled interchangeable carbon blade
  • Modular detachable fin
  • Superior performance
  • Superior comfort
  • Self adjusting foot pocket
  • Thermoplastic rubber footpocket,certified Full Contact
  • Standard blade / stringer interface with screws under the footpocket and side clips
  • All fin components are also supplied separately.

Included gara modular insole.
  • The new insole for gara modular fins is recommended for use with thin boots in temperate waters, because it improves the kick performance.
  • Thesemi-rigid material of the insole is completely recycled.
  • The insoles are supplied as a pair (right and left foot) and can be cut into their shape in three different sizes, according to pre-printed guidelines.

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 250 x 1000 x 100 mm.

2,3 kg
(myyntipakkauksen kanssa 2,4 kg)

12 kk


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