Guideline Laxa 2.0 Traction Boot

Guideline Laxa 2.0 Traction Boot

Guideline Laxa 2.0 Traction Boot
Guideline Laxa 2.0 Traction Boot
Guideline Laxa 2.0 Traction Boot
Guideline Laxa 2.0 Traction Boot

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Laxa 2.0 is an updated version of the previous model with new design features and color scheme with brown olive exterior and burnt orange lining. The previous PVC leather details has now been exchanged with fabric for environmental improvement and better look and the boot is totally free from fluorocarbons (PFC). To minimize the eco footprint the boots are packed in boxes made of recycled paper.

A thin extra reinforcement layers inside the front and heel areas of the boot improve strength and rigidity, ensuring the boot holds its shape when wading in deeper water. Further benefits of this reinforcement are better comfort and improved warmth because there is less pressure applied to the toe area. The lower part of the boot is reinforced with rubber to resist hard environments and sharp rocks when wading and an EVA mid sole increases comfort and cushioning when walking. Gusseted tongue and webbing loops for the laces make for fast entry and closing of the boots.

The upper part of the boot has quick-lacing hooks and in the back you find a wide webbing loop. Laxa 2.0 boots have a wide Scandinavian fit and are extremely lightweight and fast drying which makes them ideal for the travelling angler. The Traction sticky rubber sole with tungsten studs gives you excellent grip on most surfaces and also on slippery ground and riverbanks compared to felt soles. Rubber soles are also the only option in rivers where slow drying felt soles are banned due to spreading of invasive species.


  • No PVC details.
  • Traction sticky rubber sole with tungsten studs.
  • Fluorocarbon (PFC) free.
  • Reinforcement layers inside the front and heel areas.
  • Lower parts reinforced with rubber.
  • Gusseted tongue and comfortable EVA mid sole.
  • Light, comfortable, durable and fast drying.

Materials: Fast drying Nylon and Rubber.
Sole: Studded Traction Rubber
Weight: 1100 g `/ pair in size 10

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 450 x 350 x 250 mm.

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