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Chevalier Avon Pants Women

Tobacco/ Brown

Chevalier Avon Pants Women
Chevalier Avon Pants Women
Chevalier Avon Pants Women
Chevalier Avon Pants Women
Chevalier Avon Pants Women

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Chevalier Avon Pants Women Tobacco/ Brown
Tobacco/ Brown


Väri: Tobacco/ Brown
Koko: 36W

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Tuotteen kuvaus

An evolution of our popular faithful servant, the Arizona Pro Pant. Like the originals, these pants are extremely hardwearing and offer maximum freedom of movement in tough conditions in the great outdoors.

 The Avon Pant W is reliable legwear for tough terrain and demanding situations. Stretch panels on carefully selected points on the front and back to allow maximum mobility. The venting zippers on the inner thighs allow optimum air flow in intensive activity or higher temperatures. To extend the pant’s life, we’ve made it with a double and triple stitch in a strong waxed material, in a blend of cotton and polyester. The inside leg seams have been moved forward to prevent chafing, and there are reinforced sections on the inside ankles. The Avon Pant W has two front jeans pockets, two leg pockets with flaps and magnetic closures, and a smart phone pocket inside one of the leg pockets. The waist adjusts with Velcro and also has belt loops. The articulated knees enable the optimum fit and flexibility. The pants can easily pull down over boots thanks to adjustable elasticized ankles with snaps.
  • Adjustable leg ends
  • Adjustable leg ends with velcro
  • Back pocket with zipper
  • Belt loops in waist
  • Contrast fabric
  • Elastic leg end
  • Elastic sleeve ends
  • Front bellow pockets
  • Hanger inside
  • Jeans button at waist
  • Mobile pocket
  • Pockets with magnet buttons
  • Pre-bent knees
  • Raised back waist
  • Stretch panels in front and back
  • Thigh bellow pockets with buttons closure
  • Ventilation zipper along inside of thigh
  • Ventilation
Hunting Form
  • Mountains
  • Field
  • Forest

Chevalier kokotaulukko

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 300 x 200 x 50 mm.


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