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Elan RipStick 88 W

Elan RipStick 88 W

Elan RipStick 88 W
Elan RipStick 88 W
Elan RipStick 88 W
Elan RipStick 88 W
Elan RipStick 88 W
Elan RipStick 88 W
Elan RipStick 88 W
Elan RipStick 88 W
Elan RipStick 88 W



162 cm
170 cm

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Tuotteen kuvaus

Designed by women looking for versatility and progression, from the front side groomers to the back side bowls, the Ripstick 88 is wide enough, strong enough and bold enough to handle whatever the mountains dish out.

As a true all-mountain ski, you can take the Ripstick 88 W anywhere with confidence. It is the bridge between on and off piste providing a smoothness and confidence under your feet in any conditions or terrain. Inheriting the tech pedigree from wider Ripsticks, it’s equally confident off piste as it is on groomers or invariable crud at the end of the day. Optimizing Elan’s unique Amphibio profile this narrower 88mm Ripstick is agile, smooth and easy to ski. The secret lies within the innovative Amphibio Carbon Line Technology for a snappy and lively feel while the SST sidewalls complement the TubeLite wood core for direct transmission of power edge to edge.

  • Best All-Mountain Versatility
  • Excellent Flotation
  • Most Powerful Edge Grip
  • Playful Rebound
  • Stability at any speed, in any turn shape

Profile: Amphibio
Technology: Carbon Rods, VaporTip, Fibreglass, TubeLite Woodcore, Carbon Line Technology, SST Sidewall

Technical Details

Ski lenght 162 CM 170 CM
Radius 14.2 15.4
Tip Width 130 130
Waist Width 88 88
Tail Width 105 105
Ski Weight (g/ski) 1340 1445

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 180 x 250 x 200 mm.

All Mountain, Freeride



2.89 kg (myyntipakkauksen kanssa 3.50 kg)

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