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LEATT 2.0 Flat Shoe


LEATT 2.0 Flat Shoe
LEATT 2.0 Flat Shoe
LEATT 2.0 Flat Shoe

59,89 + toimituskulut
Koskee vain varastossa olevia, muut normaalihintaan 89,90 €
Outlet-hinta alk. 55,00 €
Sis. alv 24 %


LEATT 2.0 Flat Shoe Rust
LEATT 2.0 Flat Shoe Onyx (2022)
Onyx (2022)
LEATT 2.0 Flat Shoe Ivy (2022)
Ivy (2022)
LEATT 2.0 Flat Shoe Chilli

UK5.5 (EU 38.5)
UK6.5 (EU 40)
UK7.5 (EU 41.5)
UK8 (EU42)
UK8.5 (EU 43)
UK9 (EU 43.5)
UK9.5 (EU 44)

Väri: Chilli
Koko: UK8.5 (EU 43)

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Sijainti Myymälä (Helsinki): Pyöräily, 19, varasto

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Tuotteen kuvaus

The casual synthetic suede sneaker that lets you rip up the bike park! The all new Leatt MTB 2.0 shoe is a casual looking shoe transformed into a comfortable and well ventilated riding shoe. It features a medium stiff sole, which gives you great control on the bike but lets you also walk around in ease.

The amazing RideGrip rubber compound provides ultimate bike control in all weather conditions. The sole also features mud channels which efficiently keep the mud off the soles so that you are in constant contact with your pedals or the ground.

Be prepared to ride, anytime, anywhere!
  • FlatGrip Sole designed to always keep you in control: Optimized waffle grip pattern in pedal area for superior pin grip
  • Heel and toe mud flow channels for grip in all weather conditions
  • RideGrip Compound delivers amazing riding feel in all weather conditions: Sticky Leatt Lab compound sole for ultimate bike control
  • Maximum tear, puncture and abrasion resistance
  • The shoes upper makes them very durable all weather shoes: Synthetic Leather with synthetic suede toe box
  • Unique to Leatt compression laces for a tight riding fit that do not come loose when riding
  • Active Carbon moisture wicking, quick dry, anti-bacteria, anti-odor material for comfort and hygiene
Control Flex Shank: Medium-soft Flex control for great comfort
Midsole: Anti-compression midsole for comfort.
Protection: Stealth heel and toe protection
Heel Grip: Anti-heel lift grip design
Weight: From 980g

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 300 x 500 x 400 mm.



1 kg
(myyntipakkauksen kanssa 1,4 kg)

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Ostin ensimmäiset pyöräilyyn suunnitellut kengät mutta valitettavasti tämän jälkeen alkoi varpaat puutumaan ajaessa. vahvistettu ostaja, 25.1.2022
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