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Takuma Kujira 1440 Complete

Takuma Kujira 1440 Complete

Takuma Kujira 1440 Complete
Takuma Kujira 1440 Complete
Takuma Kujira 1440 Complete
Takuma Kujira 1440 Complete



Takuma Kujira Wings Set 1440

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Takuma Kujira Alu Mast + Fuselage Set

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Takuma Kujira Wings Set 1440:

FW 1440 & BW 220 Carbon / Screw set Kujira Wings / Travel case

Takuma introduces the new Kujira foil 1440, inspired by humpback whales.

This Kujira 1440 front wing is the ultimate choice for riders in search of non stop glide, an absolute downwind machine.

This front wing generates unparalleled power for a 1440cm2 surface allowing the rider a super early, smooth and easy take-off immediately followed by extraordinary acceleration that is so necessary in downwind.

Kujira wings set comes with:
  • Front Wing 1440 cm2
  • Back Wing 220cm2
  • Screw set
  • Travel case

Performance features :

  • High aspect wing performance.
  • New tubercle design inspired by the humpback whales’ pectoral fin.
  • LOL designed downturned winglets for more drive and control at speed. · Astonishingly smooth low speed lift and acceleration on take-off.
  • Tremendous acceleration capabilities.
  • Epic glide and high top speed

Front Wing

  • Wing Span : 1085mm
  • Chord : 170mm
  • Project area : 1440 cm2

Back Wing

  • Wing Span : 390 mm
  • Chord : 68 mm
  • Project area : 220 cm2
Takuma Kujira Alu Mast + Fuselage Set:
Aluminum mast set for the Kujira Foil. Excellent rigidity for maximum performance. This set includes the mast, fuselage, top plate, screws preassembled, travel case.

Excellent rigidity for maximum performance. The aluminum set up has been modified to be as compact as possible to reduce the amount of screws used.  We have designed an innovative top plate for added strength that incorporates our new simplified and more efficient board mount system. It makes installation quick and easy, allowing you to maintain exactly the same position, each time you reattach the foil. The new fuselage design is more streamlined than ever. The mast has a new profile redesigned for efficiency and rigidity which minimises flex and drag and maximises comfort in flight.

  • Aluminum Mast
  • Fuselage
  • Top plate
  • Travel case
  • Screws
    • 4 pcs top plate - board screws + t-nuts
    • 3 pcs alu mast - fuselage screws
    • Top plate - mast screws

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