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Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog Snowboard

Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog Snowboard

Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog Snowboard
Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog Snowboard
Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog Snowboard
Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog Snowboard
Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog Snowboard
Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog Snowboard
Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog Snowboard

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3D shaping brings power and third dimension magic to this big mountain slayer. Speed and stability are a given in the Burton Family Tree 3D Double Dog Snowboard. It's the way the board draws you into and boosts you out of turns that inspires the ride. The result of extensive on-snow prototyping, subtle convex shaping in the tip and tail set the Double Dog apart from the boards you know. A floaty, supportive nose and bat channel tail work with the board's cambered shape to encourage speed and dropping in on big lines with a new range of power and control. This shape is made to go bigger in big terrain.

ABOUT THE GRAPHIC: This year Burton let the unique shapes and rides take main stage by using simple geometry, finishes, and natural textures to allow the shape and contours of the board come to life. The clean aesthetic is meant to telegraph the board’s character and personality. The Family Tree is about building the future with all of the lessons from over 40 years of experimentation and adoration for the glide, ride, and slide. We take all that knowledge and put it to the test with new configurations of proven methods that deliver specific ride benefits. The hope is always to move what is possible within our sport and culture towards the future.
  • Directional Camber Bend has camber under both feet for stability through deep-diving turns and variable conditions and a rockered nose that adds lift for increased float
  • Directional Shape is the classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while providing plenty of float, flow, and control to rip any terrain or condition
  • 10mm Taper provides a versatile ride that promotes free and easy turns, making this board perfect for riding in any condition
  • Directional Flex features increased pop in the tail and a more resilient nose that allows riders to easily maintain control through all terrain and conditions
  • Super Fly II 700G Core uses stronger and lighter wood to provide pop and strength while reducing overall weight
  • Dualzone EGD engineered wood grain is positioned along the toe and heel edges on two continuous zones perpendicular to the core for more edge-hold, response, and strength
  • 45° Carbon Highlights Fiberglass build optimizes each layer of the fiberglass matrix and adds a full tip-to-tail carbon layer to reduce weight and fine-tune torsional feel
  • WFO Base infuses specially formulated wax deep into the pores of the extra-absorbent, high-density sintered material, making it ultradurable for riding all season in any condition
  • The Channel® Board Mount is designed to help dial in the perfect stance and is compatible with all major bindings

Skill level

All mountain / Powder

Size Details:

Board size 152 158 164
Weight range 54-82 kg  68-91 kg 82-118 kg+
Waist width 248mm 256mm 260mm
Stance location -35 -35 -35
Binding size Men's M, Women's L Men's L, Women's L Men's L, Women's L

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 1700 x 300 x 100 mm.

All Mountain, Puuteri

Miehet, Naiset, unisex

2,3 kg(Sisältää mahdollisen myyntipakkauksen painon)

36 kk

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