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Indiana Foil Front Wing 920H-AR

Indiana Foil Front Wing 920H-AR

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Welcome to a new era of performance. The all new 920 H-AR Performance wing was designed to push the boundaries. It’s unique new profile and outline give the 920H-AR an amazing speed range.
The tip profile allows amazing breach recovery making the wing very forgiving, but also allows for snappy turns with the tips out of the water. Throwing spray off a cutback with a foil is now a possibility.
The 920 H-AR is fast. The new profile gives the wing amazing performance and stability at high speeds and in maneuvers. Wing and Windfoilers will love the effortless glide and speed.Even though the 920 H-AR has as aspect ratio of 5.9, it still carves and turns like a dream. Surffoilers will love the new level of agility and the wing will challenge you to rip the waves even harder than ever before.
Kitefoilers will also love the 920 H-AR. The speed and upwind performance make this wing a pleasure to ride. The acceleration and stability combined with the amazing low-end will make this wing a must for any kiter. Comes with a high quality protective cover.

Span: 92cm, Area: 1835cm2, Volume: 2600cm3, Weight: 890g • Material: 100% Carbon, PVC Foam, Epoxy • Production Technique: Steel Mold

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 1000 x 250 x 150 mm.

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