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Tentipi Porch Comfort CP



Porch 7
Porch 9 +96.15 $

Arviolta 3 - 15 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on hyvä.

Haluan ilmoituksen, kun tuotetta tulee lisää varastoon

Tuotteen kuvaus

A porch gives you space for shoes and other items and enables dry entry into the tent. When the apse is completely opened, there is still a rain protected area under the porch with a 180 degree view.

A Tentipi® Nordic tipi has astonishing storm resistance due to its symmetrical shape and heavy-duty construction. Therefore we have not made the porch an integrated part of the tent but designed it to be easily attached and removed. This also makes it possible to reduce the weight.

  • The versatility of the Tentipi® Nordic tipi is further enhanced with functions that also suit more stationary campers
  • Any rain water running from the tip of the tent is diverted from the door opening
  • The porch can be opened up completely which offers a 180 degree view
  • The porch can easily be removed without taking down the tent, for example, if there is a risk of snow or bad weather
  • It is securely and neatly attached to the accessory sleeve (PCT patent) which is a standard feature on our tent models Zirkon and Safir from 2012 on
Porch model 7 Comfort CP 9 Comfort CP
Width (cm) 175 210
Height (cm) 180 175
Length (cm) 140 140
Weight (kg) 6.3 6.6
Packed size (cm) 53x31x23 61x33x25

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 610 x 330 x 250 mm.

6.6 kg (myyntipakkauksen kanssa 6.80 kg)

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