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Takuma TK Carbon 110

Takuma TK Carbon 110

Takuma TK Carbon 110
Takuma TK Carbon 110
Takuma TK Carbon 110



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TK Carbon 110 : 6'0"x 27 5/16 x 6 110 L

Takuma TK Carbon boards have been built for accessible performance and are designed for riders who want to excel in wing foiling, SUP foiling and downwind riding. The new revolutionary shape and construction has been designed to fit all levels from beginners to the most advanced riders.

Choose your board depending on your level, weight and expectations.


Takuma’s innovative Gravity Deck is curved for a natural lower front foot stance, this forces water down as you take off, giving you better control, acceleration and exceptional balance, even underwater. This revolutionary design also means that riders are able to reduce the volume and size significantly compared to what they’re used to riding.

The unique top contour also provides a better chest position and board grip while paddling. It is extremely comfortable underfoot during maneuvers as it creates a natural kick for your back foot. Combine this with the double concave ultra-smooth hull, it gives you all the features required for a sensational ride.

  • Double concave bottom :minimises water drag facilitating earlier take-off.
  • Takuma quick tail :for better water flow allowing earlier release and take-off.
  • The hover and thrust Nose :this new concept in board nose design provides exceptional overall board balance and touch down release.
  • Takuma “G” Deck :the Gravity deck gives the rider with better connection to the foil allowing greater glide and comfort in flight with more control and balance through maneuvers.
  • Clean straight outline:better rigidity and responsiveness for quicker rebound from touch-downs.
  • Multi position footstraps.
  • Construction highlight : the red color board is in full carbon and the cream color board is an epoxy wood sandwich

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 1900 x 750 x 200 mm.

10 kg (Sisältää mahdollisen myyntipakkauksen painon)

110 Litraa

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