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Roeckl Bosco

Roeckl Bosco

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Roeckl Bosco Black
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Roeckl Sports presents another cycling glove from its innovative Eco.Series: the Bosco. This puristic glove was designed to be as resource-efficient as possible and consists of a particularly large share of recycled materials. Elastic but yet robust and also breathable Revolutional Eco Lycra with Econyl® yarn (79 percent Econyl® yarn and 21 percent elasthane) on the backhand feels supple and soft on the skin while easily following each and every movement of the hand and the fingers. Econyl® yarn is a 100 percent recycled polyamide made from old fishnets and other nylon waste.

The material on the palm - and on the generous wiping thumb to wipe off sweat during summerly hot bike rides - is called Eco.Sense®. This soft synthetic material consists of 60 percent recycled polyester made from waste such as PET bottles and of 40 % conventional polyester. Eco.Sense® feels as soft as suede on the skin, is highly durable and provides a very good grip on the handlebar. The Roeckl logo made from wood which is derived from timber processing waste, creates the highlights regarding the Bosco’s high-quality and elegant design. As is the case with all other natural products, texture and grain are unique - and this is what makes each and every glove one of a kind! This model is also available as the full-fingered Mora in various trendy color combinations. Whatever your demands or preferences, it will be easy to find the right look for you! Convenient: The exclusive Pull Off System enables cyclists to take the glove off effortlessly. Machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).

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