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Miflex XT-Tech Reguletku, UNF 3/8

Miflex XT-Tech Reguletku, UNF 3/8

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Miflex XT-Tech Reguletku, UNF 3/8 Black

56 cm
62 cm + 2,00 €
75 cm + 4,00 €
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90 cm + 7,00 €
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120 cm + 11,00 €
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210 cm + 25,00 €

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Osa tämän tuotteen malleista on vapaana varastossamme. Tämän tuotteen toimitusaika on heti, jos sitä on vapaana varastossamme ja muuten arviolta 14 - 21 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on hyvä.

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Miflex XT-TECH technical diving hoses. The XT-TECH series of scuba diving medium pressure flexible hose has been developed with the main purpose to offer technical divers additional safety with Kevlar reinforcements in the inner braiding, combined with a smooth outer layer of PU.

This new configuration from Miflex, as it is not positively bouyant, is particularly appreciated because of the less abrasion around the neck, allowing the hose to stay in place. They offer the same characteristics of a traditional rubber hose with the plus of being lighter in weight.

This hose has a polyether based PU thermoplastic inliner with an inner Polyester and Kevlar braiding and an outer smooth layer of thermoplastic. The fittings and the sleeves are made of sea water resistant electroless nikel plater brass.

  • All hoses comply to EN250
  • 3/8"M x 9/16"F
  • Operating Pressure: 35 Bar

Miflex XT-Tech is available in a single colour option and has a limited range of lengths available at this time.

Miflex XT-Tech hoses are supplied in re-uasable drybag packaging & supplied with manufacturers warranty & user information.

0,1 kg(Tuotteella voi olla kevyt myyntipakkaus.)


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