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Tentsile Stealth 3G (2020)



Forest Green
Forest Green

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The Stealth is designed for those serious campers. Whether you are looking for a family camping trip or looking to get back to nature, the Stealth is perfect.

Set-up has never been easier with only one pole needed. This is encased in a central shelf tower which keeps all your gear secure. Three separate entrances and one generous hammock berth per occupant gives everyone the ability to modulate ventilation in their own area of the interior cabin. The Stealth is the perfect choice for a group of friends or family who appreciates that extra bit of space.

The three adjustable hammocks inside can be further separated or combined using the underfloor strap-system with a simple loosening or tightening of the seat belt strap. The interior is completely insect proof, rainproof and UV resistant, made from no-see-um mesh and easily covered by our clip-on 5,000HH rainfly.

The whole roof can also be fully removed to leave a Trillium Giant 3-Person Hammock. The ultimate, stable base from which to sleep under the stars.

Comfort: The Stealth is the ultimate 2-in-1 Tree Tent and hammock and combines the comfort and versatility of a hammock, with the protection, security and multi-occupancy of a tent. Tentsile's patented 3-point anchor system pulls the floor of the tent while giving just enough flex to conform to and cushion your body giving you the most comfortable night's sleep you've ever had in a tent. With minimal sag, you can sleep on your stomach, side or back in complete comfort

Load Capacity: This tent is built to hold 3 adults (plus their gear), or 2 adults and 2 kids, and has a 400kg / 880lbs weight capacity, so it's ideal for family camping.

Storage: Comes fitted with 3 x mesh underfloor storage nets and 3 x internal storage pockets, keeping your gear safe and out of the way while you sleep.

Separate Sleeping Bays: Not only do our anti-roll straps add strength to the tent floor, but they also prevent you from rolling into the middle of the tent, even when 1 person is heavier than others. The straps create separate sleeping bays and can be adjusted for different weight differentials.

Waterproof Rainfly: The tent comes with a removable waterproof 70D PU-coated nylon fabric rainfly (5,000 Hydrostatic Head) which covers the tent and extents outward creating a large area underneath to use as an additional living space or even just a storage. The rainfly will keep you dry you in all but heavy snowfall.

Insect Mesh: The Stealth 3-Person Tree Tent uses a Trillium 3-Person Hammock as a base and has a fully removable insect mesh and rainfly allowing you to use it as a hammock, or as a two-season tree tent.

Camp Anywhere: Because you're suspended in the air, it doesn't matter what condition the ground below is in. Whether it's muddy, damp or covered in sticks and stones, you can pitch your tent and have a comfortable night's sleep.

  • The Stealth can be used as a hammock or a Tree Tent.
  • 5000 hydrostatic head waterproof rainfly will keep you dry in the heaviest downpours
  • The tent's central access hatch makes climbing into the tent easy.
  • Tentsile's unique tensioned anti roll strap system not only reinforces the base, but create 3 separate sleeping bays. The straps balance any weight differences and prevent all occupants from rolling towards the middle of the tent or the heaviest person.
  • With only 3 ratchets and a single pole, the tent is straightforward and can be done by a single person - though we'd always recommend having a friend on hand for ease.
  • The Stealth comes with 3 underfloor storage compartments, giving you plenty of space to organise and store smaller items.


Setup Size: 4.1 x 4.1 x 4.1m (13.5 x 13.5 x 13.5ft")
Occupants: 3 adults (and gear) or 2 adults and 3 children
Maximum Load: 880lbs / 440kg
Floor Area: 7.25sqm / 78sqft
Head Height: 1.2m / 4ft


x 1
Weight: 9.8kg / 21.6lbs
Size (when packed): 58 x 25 x 26cm / 22.8 x 9.8 x 10.2"


1 x 5000 hydrostatic head rainfly
1 x No-See-Um Insect Mesh
1 x Trillium Giant 3-Person Hammock
1 x 11mm diameter anodised aluminium alloy poles
3 x Heavy-duty ratchet buckles (2.5-ton breaking strength)
3 x 6m / 19ft polyester straps
4 x Low-impact giant yellow screw pegs
3 x WaterGates
3 x Tree Protector Straps
3 x Bungee cords
2 x Spare hooks

  • Only use the product after reading and in accordance with the product manual.
  • Recommended setup height is 1.2m / 4ft.
  • Not suitable for no longer than 3 months continual use at a time.
  • Due to continuous design improvements, details may vary slightly from those pictured above.

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 650 x 300 x 300 mm.

1, 2, 3


9.8 kg

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