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Ortlieb Handlebar Mounting-Set (E225)

Ortlieb Handlebar Mounting-Set (E225)

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For all Ultimate Six models, as well as the Barista, Velo-Pocket and Handlebar Basket. Spare handlebar mount with locking function allows you to conveniently and securely attach your handlebar bag or basket to a second bicycle. Make sure to take a note of your key number in case you need to order an additional key at a later time.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 230 x 150 x 70 mm.

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Heikki N. verified buyer, 1.9.2023
Overall rating
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Katja R. verified buyer, 17.8.2023
Overall rating
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Sturdy holder and easy to use.
Markus K. verified buyer, 16.7.2023
Overall rating
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A bit tricky to tune, but not impossible if you follow the instructions. An ingenious solution for attaching the rack, although it is not suitable for a bike with a carbon fiber frame.
Anonymous verified buyer, 14.1.2023
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Works well and is sturdy.
Mikael S. verified buyer, 28.10.2022
Overall rating
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A set that works once and for all! verified buyer, 1.9.2022
Overall rating
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A very competent product. You can attach the bag to it really well. The installation instructions were really good. Better than Ikea's.
Anonymous verified buyer, 25.5.2022
Overall rating
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Spacious and durable bag.
Alpo P. verified buyer, 27.4.2021
Overall rating
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The mounting bracket for the unlocked Ortlieb bar bag is convenient without the possibility of locking. After all, the purpose is to take a rod bag with valuable contents with you whenever you leave the bike in the park. In the locked model, however, the key is drowned and this unlocked is cheaper than the lock. Except for the lock, it works exactly like the locked version.
Antti N. verified buyer, 10.4.2021
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Works like a train toilet with a bag. Yllri was indeed in the purchase of the bag that the fastening set was not included, but his own carelessness. Read the instructions for easy installation.
Nickname Sandy 28.3.2021
Will this front bag bracket fit onto 35/36 mm diameter handlebars [Specialize Turbo Levo]
Customer service person Eero L. 7.4.2021
Unfortunately it will not. It fits 22mm - 31.8mm handlebars.
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