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Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack Plus 11L

Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack Plus 11L

Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack Plus 11L
Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack Plus 11L
Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack Plus 11L
Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack Plus 11L

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Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack Plus 11L Black
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Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack Plus 11L Salsa - Dark Chili
Salsa - Dark Chili
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Product description

Bridging the gap between conventional bike trips and bikepacking, the Handlebar-Pack Plus is a versatile and waterproof handlebar bag designed to complement your cycling adventures. Compatible with all separately available handlebar brackets, this bag adapts to various purposes and personal preferences.

Side-mounted outer mesh pockets provide additional space for an extra bottle or quick-access items like keys or a smartphone. The time-tested roll closure facilitates easy loading, while an integrated zippered pocket ensures the organization of contents inside. Upon reaching your destination, the Handlebar-Pack Plus becomes effortlessly portable with a shoulder strap featuring a carabiner attachment.

Crafted from abrasion-resistant Cordura fabric, this PVC-free bag is not only durable but also aligns with sustainable production practices in Germany. Elevate your biking experience with the functionality and eco-conscious design of the Handlebar-Pack Plus.

The handlebar mount is available separately and not included with the bag.
The bag can only be used with the following mounts: E241, E185, E225, E207, E226, E196

  • Reflector and reflective logo on the front improve visibility in road traffic
500 g

Height: 22 cm
Upper width: 32 cm
Lower width: 26 cm
Depth: 18 cm
Volume: 11 L


The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 310 x 300 x 120 mm.

0,8 kg(The product may have a light retail packaging.)

11 liters

60 month(s)

Country of origin

Ismael G. verified buyer, 8.1.2024
Overall rating
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As a bonus, there aren't many with a strap that will accommodate non-fixed support. Good for the rain. Maybe a little big, it doesn't collect very well and it's bulky but it's a good product. The hitch with straps moves a lot on mountain bike trips.
Anonymous verified buyer, 9.10.2023
Overall rating
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Hello! Good material. Good service from Varuste too. I am an experienced bicycle traveler, on long, very long trips. I make careful but very intensive use of all my travel equipment. I have looked carefully at the different alternatives to replace my second handlebar bag (the first was a classic 5-liter Ortlieb that lasted only two years), a fragile, expensive and poorly constructed ClickFix. At first I thought this Pack-Plus was maybe a little big... But if you roll it up well, even if it's empty and a little wrinkled, it's not that massive. I like to know that if necessary I can put a lot of volume inside, it can be very practical and at the same time balance the weight of my rear panniers on the bike. I have mounted it on a butterfly handlebar (travel, touring), and it fits very well. With the new Ortlieb QR support (E241), very solid and easy to assemble and disassemble (I recommend it!), anchoring the bag is clean, fast and solid! Since I used my first handlebar bag, a classic 5 liter Ortlieb, which I didn't like for several reasons (the magnets on the opening system came off, the shoulder strap came off, the top clear plastic for maps cracked due to the sun), I always thought that Ortlieb should make a radical design change for its handlebar bags (or improve these defects that are still present in the handlebar bags it continues to sell!). Since I have Ortlieb front and rear saddlebags, and they work very well (simple but robust, very intensive use on trips for 6 years), I always thought it would be good to have a handlebar bag with a saddlebag-like design. This new 11-liter Pack-Plus model meets that goal, and I'm glad I bought it. No more fragile magnets, brittle plastics, or straps that come loose. Access to the bag is a little slower than with traditional bags, but it is still quick (you have to stop, you cannot open it while driving) and safe. The bag comes with a shoulder strap, an interior zipper pocket that you can install or remove, and two large, robust mesh side pockets that are very practical. This handlebar bag is solid as a saddlebag. I recommend it! I'm going to use this bag a lot on my next trip. Greetings and good day.
Anonymous verified buyer, 13.6.2023
Overall rating
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Anyway, I have a lot of luggage. Perfect for packing bulky items like rain gear or layered jackets. I was able to use the Rixen & Cowl attachment as it is to attach it to the handlebar. It also comes with a shoulder strap, making it easy to carry around when you are away from your bike. If you wrap the shoulder strap around the top strap and tie it, it will not get in the way while riding, and you don't have to remove it every time. It's a very well made product.
Ilkka L. verified buyer, 17.5.2023
Overall rating
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Spacious and high-quality, as ortliebit should be. The camera with the telephoto tube fits well in the bag. This should have its own set of camera cushions. It is slow to use when there is no opening lid with a magnetic lock. As expected
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