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DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock

DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock

DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock
DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock
DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock
DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock
DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock
DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock
DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock

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Product description

The FL (Frontline) Hammock comes with built on mosquito net and has zips on either side of the mosquito net which allow for very quick entry/ exit either side of the hammock. It also allows the mosi net to be tied above the hammock out of the way when not needed and it can be dropped back down in seconds as soon as required.

The DD Frontline Hammock is a very similar design to Travel Hammock however unlike the Travel Hammock it is not waterproof (an advantage to this is it is extremely breathable and you can also cocoon yourself between the layers if you wish).

As well as for use in Europe this hammock is a great jungle hammock due to its breathablity and built on fine mesh mosquito net.

Set-ups possible:
  • With mosquito net deployed (fully insect proof)
  • With mosquito net tied above (ready to drop down/ use if needed)
  • With mosquito net underneath (lie out in the sun)
  • Ground/ bed set-up

Features include:

  • Black (easy to see out of) built in mosquito net
  • Lightweight, foldable poles (to help spread out the mosquito net)
  • 2 x 2m of Elastic Cord (to keep mosquito net up)
  • 2 zips and two double-sided zippers allowing quick entry/ exit either side of the hammock
  • Comes with 10m of webbing/ rope attached ready to hang
  • Two layer design that allows insulation such as thermarest/ camping mat to be inserted between the layers in cold weather
  • 4 small internal pockets
  • 2 internal hanging loops (for torch, glasses etc.)
  • Stuff Sack
  • 4 tabs to peg the hammock out if using on the ground

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 300 x 170 x 100 mm.

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Miikka H. 22.9.2022
Overall rating
A good and sturdy ripper. A double fabric, between which you can place a sleeping pad, for example. The only problem is that the sleeping pad does not stay in place, and the velcro straps on the side are not strong enough, so the sleeping pad tends to push itself into the yard between the fabrics. The mosquito net on the top is good and far enough away from the face. The downside is that the mosquito nets are two small "tent poles" that are annoying to thread into and out of tight channels. Otherwise, very sturdy and functional. I don't recommend using a sleeping mat, but an independent undermat (which has nothing to do with a mat).
Tanja T. 13.9.2022
Overall rating
A very comfortable and functional hammock. Durable and with a high-quality feel. I replaced the strings with Whoopie Slings, and it couldn't be more convenient to attach and adjust the sling.
Henry L. 7.9.2022
Overall rating
First hammock experience, so there is no point of comparison, but a product that feels good in all respects. The weight is somewhat more than the ultralight models, but the double bottom and integrated mosquito net are a nice addition.
Tommi R. 4.9.2022
Overall rating
I have slept for 3 nights now. really good dreams and relatively easy to tune in between the trees.
Eija S. 31.8.2022
Overall rating
Lovely summer nest! It goes without saying that the mosquito net is the best thing here. A loop on the "roof" where you can hang glasses, a light, etc. In the ends, small pockets for a cell phone, etc.
Teemu P. 18.8.2022
Overall rating
I bought three olive, brown and tan. Expectations were higher for a fixed mosquito net.. the material is slippery and flows to the bottom. good and bad. in order to keep the netting at a distance, you can adjust the sticks and improve the ropes. -how annoying.. in the end I sold everything and bought TTTM original pro (150kg) instead of the previous ones. satisfied with them and don't need to tune. The tree huggers in the DD hammock were just jokes. giant-sized shoelaces, which I shortened pretty quickly and I needed those shocks for them.
Rene P. 17.8.2022
Overall rating
Great product!! Easy to install by yourself. The fastening cords are perhaps unnecessarily long when using tree huggers. With a little modding, this can be solved too. It definitely beats camping and other camping with its comfort. A pocket suitable for an air mattress under the carpet, it doesn't rotate, the van stays perfectly in place.
Anonymous 14.8.2022
Overall rating
It works perfectly for the purpose, but the standard ropes for tying both the net and the hammock itself are a bit so-so. Of course you get used to them, but getting decent tree huggers and longer pieces of elastic cord for the net is not necessarily a bad idea.
Anonymous 9.8.2022
Overall rating
A very good hammock designed for sleeping in camp conditions. A bit too heavy for day trips (in which case a lighter hammock is enough), but for overnight stays an absolutely unbeatable product.
Aliisa L. 8.8.2022
Overall rating
Easy to assemble, I highly recommend the Frontline XL hammock.
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