Hammock fundamentals

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You know user guides, right?
A lot of information, specifications, warnings, and tips, written in a complicated and tedious way in a small space. It is understandable and necessary, sure, but usually you would just like to know the main point right away without having to sit down and concentrate.

When I get something new, I want to start using it immediately. In many cases, it doesn’t take long to understand how things are meant to be used if you just think for a while. It was not the case with the thing I bought this summer and should actually be quite simple: a hammock.

I opened the package and hung the hammock on a tree. In the name of modesty, I did NOT take a photo of my first attempt. I don't want to lose my honour, even as faceless blogger.
But I can tell you that I did not search for help in the user guide but in my mobile and YouTube. They helped me a little bit.

In the end, I succeeded by asking help from a friend in WhatsApp: “How do you rig this hammock on a tree...?” I got an unambiguous drawing, made in 30 seconds, brilliant in all its simplicity. When I get a chance, I will suggest that all the manufacturers in the world introduce extremely clear instructions for enthusiastic dummies. With this drawing, I managed to hang the hammock perfectly.

Drawn instructions for enthusiastic dummies with more speed than concentration – feel free to use them! I look back on this picture with joy, and I'll know also in the future how to hang a hammock even in my sleep.
It did not take very long to hang it as soon as I understood HOW to do it.

Other things to think about / insulation

Everything is easier on a dry summer day, but how to make sleeping in a hammock pleasant also when it’s colder? In spring and in autumn, you need to start thinking about some insulation to put on the bottom of the hammock, because without extra filling you will have cold, no matter how thick your sleeping bag is. Fortunately, there are hammock underblankets on the market. They are functional solutions that pack in a small space and that I can recommend warmly.

Tree hugger

Click here to see all tree huggers

A tree hugger is a necessary piece of equipment to keep the trees healthy, but it also makes it a lot easier to tighten and adjust the hammock.

To make your life easier

Hammock sleeves are very practical. You can just slide one along your hammock until all surfaces are complete covered, making the hammock a nice long tube. You can also put your tarp and the top layer of your underblanket inside it, depending on their materials. The sleeve not only keeps your hammock dry when not in use, but also makes it a lot easier to roll up and pack away into your rucksack or stuff bag. When you open the package next time, everything (except for the underblanket that is probably in its own package) is in order and ready to hang on a tree right away, with a tree hugger naturally.

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