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Aclima Woolnet Polo w/Zip Mens

Aclima Woolnet Polo w/Zip Mens

Aclima Woolnet Polo w/Zip Mens
Aclima Woolnet Polo w/Zip Mens
Aclima Woolnet Polo w/Zip Mens



Black (2021)
Aclima Woolnet Polo w/Zip Mens Jet Black
Jet Black


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Product description

WoolNet Polo Shirt is a wool net shirt with a high neck and long sleeves. Reinforcements on the elbows and a rib-knitted material over the shoulders to protect against discomfort from a backpack’s shoulder straps. The shirt has a zippered neck for best possible ventilation. Aclima WoolNet® is the original when it comes to wool net garments. It is designed for high intensity activities when moisture transport, weight, ventilation and best functionality are the most important. Do you know that air insulates? The net creates small air pockets that provide good insulation without feeling sticky and too warm. Thanks to the material’s ability to transport moisture, the temperature is regulated during high and low intensity levels, almost like a thermostat.

Because the net material is made of merino wool, we also get all the advantages of wool. Wool warms even when wet and doesn’t smell. This collection unites quality, function and design in one. It isn’t by chance that the military has used Aclima WoolNet for years. From alpine touring during the winter, long mountain tours, Nordic skating, hunting, fishing and expeditions, WoolNet® is the natural first choice. WoolNet® can be combined with garments from the WarmWool series on cold days. The wool net is extremely fast drying and comfortably stretchy. The garment is rib-knitted on exposed areas for best comfort and durability.


WoolNet: 80% Merino Wool, 20% Polyamide (120g/m²)
Ribbed knitting: 96% Merino Wool, 4% Elastane (250g/m²)

Aclima size guide

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 200 x 200 x 50 mm.


Merinowool Mix

Sleeve length

0.259 kg (with sales package 0.33 kg)

Anonymous 25.1.2022
Overall rating
Seems good quality. Good enough collar.
Svante A. 19.1.2022
Overall rating
Lovely warm sweater that lets moisture through. An extra plus for this one with a polo collar which means that I avoid a separate scarf.
Anonymous 18.1.2022
Overall rating
The good ones! can recommend
Anonymous 2.1.2022
Overall rating
I have never experienced a unique clothing piece like this. Aclima is a quality brand that will have a special place in my closet :-).
Anonymous 28.12.2021
Overall rating
Tight collar
Anonymous 22.12.2021
Overall rating
Very comfortable and warm mesh sweater. Collar high and comfortable, zipper well protected and does not disturb. The long model, ie goes on top of the butt and thus stays in the pants. Works with a light frosty run as the only downstairs floor, even under a softshell or wind. In colder weather, you can put a t-shirt or a long-sleeved one in between. I can't figure out how to improve that. M size good at least 174/84 body.
Anonymous 1.12.2021
Overall rating
Very good!
Erkki K. 4.10.2021
Overall rating
Although a little thick collar with little harassment is still easily a 5 star product. Surprisingly warm, but for sweating keeps sweating properly.
Anonymous 12.3.2021
Overall rating
The best underwear for exercise.
Samuel h. 3.11.2020
Overall rating
The collar should be 1-2cm lower.
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