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Aclima Woolnet Longs Mens

Aclima Woolnet Longs Mens

Aclima Woolnet Longs Mens
Aclima Woolnet Longs Mens
Aclima Woolnet Longs Mens
Aclima Woolnet Longs Mens
Aclima Woolnet Longs Mens



Aclima Woolnet Longs Mens Jet Black
Jet Black
Aclima Woolnet Longs Mens Olive Night
Olive Night


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Product description

Aclima WoolNet is a base layer for varying activity all year made in 100% Merinowool. The mesh construction has a unique ability to transport moisture and made in wool it also gives good insulation. The product breathes when you are moving and insulates when you stop. The sides are rib knitted for comfort and to preserve the shape of the product. You also have shoulder panels which make it comfortable to wear a backpack. On top of this it is body odour resistant and 100% recyclable. For the first time we can offer technical underwear in mesh for women as well.

Used for:
Average to intense activity where extra insulation is required like mountain - hiking, cross-country skiing, hunting or trekking.

Aclima size guide

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 200 x 150 x 50 mm.


Merinowool Mix

0.15 kg (with sales package 0.30 kg)

Country of origin

Anonymous 7.9.2022
Overall rating
Functional and warm pants. With monos and long-legged shoes, the legs must be rolled up so that the net does not press on the leg, or buy 3/4-legs as a pair of pants. They would be more versatile if the part against the leg was solid fabric.
Mikko W. 23.8.2022
Overall rating
It's good. Warm, but not grinding. It fits well and the sizes are correct.
Kari S. 23.7.2022
Overall rating
dongjoo J. 24.6.2022
Overall rating
It's still summer, so I haven't been able to use it in earnest, but it's very comfortable to wear. Winter is expected.
Marko S. 17.6.2022
Overall rating
Comfortable on site and warm.
Anonymous 17.5.2022
Overall rating
They are good in design, but I have not yet found the optimal way to use them.
VALENTIN E. 11.5.2022
Overall rating
Comfortable, warm and really breathable
YUKAI Z. 16.4.2022
Overall rating
I bought it with an emphasis on breathability, and I was satisfied with the result.
Mikko H. 10.4.2022
Overall rating
Good underpants go harder, but stay surprisingly warm even in the cold against shell clothing. Pros of odorlessness on a longer trip.
Willy F. 18.3.2022
Overall rating
Perfect for walking and hiking, hot even though it is humid, dries quickly.
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