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Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Set

Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Set

Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Set
Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Set
Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Set
Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Set
Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Set
Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Set
Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Set
Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Set
Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Set



Bushmen Bushbed Hammock

Bushmen Bushbed Hammock Olive
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Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 3 x 3 m

Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 3 x 3 m Dark olive
Dark olive
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Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Suspension System

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Bushmen Air-mat Spartan

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Bushmen Pump & Bag

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Product description

Sisältää Bushbed riippumajoitteen, Ultralight Tarpin ja tarvittavat kiinnitysköydet. Koko setin paino alle 1,5 kg.

Bushmen Bushbed Hammock:

BushBed hammock – it’s a big, comfortable and light hammock with a mosquito net. “One pull & click” – an easy-operated mosquito set up system, handy pocket just above the head (to keep a headlamp, phone or other valuable things) and low weight place it among the best travel hammocks. It’s a big, comfortable, and light hammock with a unique mosquito net system that protects against insects and morning sunlight. BUSHBED works perfectly during traveling along with the bush or forest, at the seaside, or just in the garden. When you comfortably lay in, just pull the cord and the mosquito net will slide out. Then just click the buckle to finally close the net and you are fully protected against the insects.

Mosquito net

The mosquito net has a mesh of 1 mm pore diameter, making it perfect protection against even the smallest insects such as flies, black fleas, or young ticks. Its density and the special thread used in the net makes it impossible to chop down twigs, grasses, and other trash. It can be spread over the full or only the part of the length of the hammock. The mesh is on 2/3 of the mosquito net, while the rest of the overhead is covered with a hammock material. The canopy protects against direct sunlight, moisture, dust, and gives a pleasant sense of intimacy. At any time you can tilt the mosquito net creating a window between the net and hammock to look around, reach for something, or just talk to your friends. By blocking the second slide at the end of the hammock you can unzip the net directly above your head and, for example, admire the stars. The rest of the body is covered with a zippered hammock material to create a characteristic, safe cocoon. The slider connects the edges of the hammock by 2/3 of its length, from the feet to the head.


The Bushbed is equipped with a handy pocket for all the essentials. The pocket is placed over the head in order to make the content (eg. phone, headlamp, glasses) easily accessible. The Bushbed is packed into a travel bag with a tiny hole on the bottom. The hammock rope can be run through this hole so it will never be lost. During the day, the mosquito net can be stored in this bag. Both the hammock and canopy are made of the parachute fabric. Thanks to that they are airy, yet splash resistant.

The load capacity of the BushBed is 200kg; its size is 2,8m x 1.4m, therefore even a very tall person can sleep comfortably in both the classical and Brazilian positions. Two additional carabiners for assembly and 4m of ridgeline for hanging mosquito nets are also included. The weight, together with the mosquito net, is just 0.65 kg. That makes it one of the lightest hammock with a net.

Size: 3 x 1,45m
Weight: 0,65kg
Max. loading: 200kg
Eyelet diameter: 1mm

Properties: Physical parameters of the products (such as weight or dimensions) may differ from the specification within ~ 3%.

2x hanging ropes
2x ULTRALIGHT carabiners
4m ridgeline

Tarp sold separately.

Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 3 x 3 m:

ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 3×3 by BUSHMEN Travel Gear – a new reference point in the ULTRALIGHT category. It’s one of the absolutely lightest on the market full-size (3mx3m) tarp. It weighs only 425g.

If you are fed up with every unnecessary gram you need to carry with you, ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 3×3 / dark olive is a real treat for you.

Everything is ULTRA-light here – we made sure that even the puller is ultra-light. It weighs less than 0.5 g. We checked – exactly 0.4831g! When it is packed, the tarp takes very little space – as much as 1l bottle.

Thanks to this, it works well as an element of ultralight equipment for a walker, as well as a bicycle tourist, canoeist, etc. Generally, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is absolutely the equipment for you.

The tarp is sewn using 100% waterproof ultralight 15D silnylon reinforced with a micro rip-stop. The waterproof silicone layer provides immunity up to 2500mm H2O. There are 19 characteristic loops arranged around and 3 through the middle of the tarp. This is what the tarp should have The middle sewing line and the loops are reinforced and secured with a special black tape. The tape is hot-welded, and therefore, it permanently bonds with the silicone layer creating strong watertight ridge. This technology ensures that the tarp is fully waterproof and strengthened at this point. As added 6 pulling lines (3m each) with the tensioning system and a bag with transport handles.

Specially designed loops are much easier to use than the classic ones. The characteristic clearance between the loop tapes not only makes it easier to work in difficult conditions but also allows the tape to better fit around the lashings. An inconspicuous change in the construction of the loop also allows to better/wider distribute forces acting on the tarp edges. For this reason, we could resign from sewn reinforcements on the sides without losing strength. The loops on the corners are the most exposed to overloading, therefore we left traditional reinforcements, thanks to which our tarps are even stronger.

Tensioning system

What’s important – the set includes 6 cords with unique tensioners. For this reason, the correct tarp tensioning is quite simple and can be done directly at the tarp loops. The tensioners are fastened to the loops currently in use simply by hooking them on the loop. The loops and the tensioners are matched to each other. Having hooked, the tensioner holds perfectly. This solution allows using the tensioners where they are needed and are not an unnecessary tarp load. To attach the pullers, simply select the cable on the tensioner to obtain the desired tarp tension.

Transportation bag

The bag, in which the tarp is put, is equipped with handles and loops. They are placed both along and on the bottom of the bag. The handles allow you to comfortably attach the tarp sack to your backpack without fear of accidentally slipping during transport. They make it easy to carry and remove from places such as a kayak’s beak or just between different luggage. In addition, by interweaving the hammock’s ridgeline by the loops, the bag can be used as a convenient pocket for things that you want to have at hand. Having folded the sheet, it takes up very little space, it fits in a 1l bag. The size of 20 x 10 x 10 cm allows it to be put in the outer pocket of the backpack.

ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 3×3 / dark olive can be pitched in many ways due to the convenient layout of the loop. It provides convenience and protection in every situation. Using the surroundings (trees, rocks, depressions) and trekking poles, paddles, bicycles, or just sticks, you can create a great tent perfectly adjusted to the location and weather. In extremely bad weather, you can create an “assault tent” in a few moments. Such a shelter fully insulates both from the ground and from every other side.

ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 3×3 / dark olive is, of course, an excellent protection when using a hammock (e.g. BushBed hammock). It can be used, for example, as a roof covering to protect against rain and wind.


  • Dimensions 3×3 m
  • 19 loops (16 around + 3 through the middle)
  • Weight 425g (+ tensioning system)
  • Water-resistant
  • Packed 20x10x10
  • 6 tensioning cords
Bushmen Ultralight Hammock Suspension System:

Complete set, very light and well designed. Light hammock suspension system.

Tree huggers, carabiners & whoopie slings – all together just 160g.

A complete and lightweight set for hammock suspension for outdoor installation. Dedicated to all those who like to travel light, and at the same time who care for nature by following the motto “leave no trace”. The set is easy to fasten the hammock between the trees with the use of two straps which do not harm the bark of the trees and are easy to level with the whoopie slings pro. The entire set is connected on both sides with ULTRALIGHT carabiners.

Suspension system includes:

Ultralight Tree huggers

  • The maximum static load of the set – 500 kg
  • Number of tapes – 2 pcs
  • The length of single tape – 2m
  • The tapes are 2.5 cm wide
  • Straps adjustment – 5 loops over a section of 0.5 m

PRO Whoopie slings

  • Whoopie sling quantity – 2 pcs Length 280cm (total)
  • Adjustment range 90cm-280cm (total)
  • Weight 30g (total)
  • 3mm UHMWPE cord
  • Maximum hook load – 5 kg

Ultralight carabiners

  • Quantity in the set 2 pcs
  • Length 8 cm
  • Width 5 cm
  • Weight 21g
  • Major axis strength: – 12 KN
  • Gate Opening: 20 mm
  • Material type: 7570 Aluminium

Transportation bag

Bushmen Air-mat Spartan:

Ultra-light air mattress (330g). Super compact – after packing it is 1l bottle size. Very comfortable – 3 times thicker than the average foam mat.

Size – 185x57x3cm, weight just 330g. We have reduced the weight by narrowing it at the feet to the width of 40 cm and curving the corners. We have used 20D nylon, the same as in the air-mat CAMP. It is the lightest fabric currently used for the production of camping mattresses. The SPARTAN mattress is 3 times thicker than the common foam-mat and remains at the same weight level (approx. 300g).

It is also extremely important that when it is packed, it takes up 15 times less space than a foam pad!

Inside the mat, the fabric is covered with a TPU layer. From the outside, the dense material structure is pleasant to the touch. Thanks to this, the SPARTAN air-mattress is “quiet”. When changing the position, when lying down, the mattress does not rustle or creak as it happens in mattresses from other manufacturers.

The Air-mat SPARTAN mat provides the minimum comfort, needed to sleep well. 3 cm thick, mummy shape and 200 air chambers. Thanks to them, the surface of the mattress perfectly adapts to the user’s body shape, and at the same time provides the necessary circulation at the interface between the body and the mattress. When lying down, the connected chambers in the right places slightly bend, while maintaining the body comfortably.

The mattress is small enough to fit very well, even inside a sleeping bag. The chamber structure of the mattress makes it work very well with quilts and sleeping bags, especially down filled. The expanding down additionally fills empty spaces, which allows you to take advantage of its insulating properties. You can inflate it harder so that the deflection is minimal if, you like it so. You can also inflate it less if you prefer soft mattresses.

The SPARTAN air-mattress is a summer mattress that provides sufficient thermal insulation to a ground temperature of 15C. It has an R-value of 0.5.

Multifunctional air valve – consists of three connected elements:

  • an internal air valve, which prevents the loss of once pumped air during the pumping station.
  • an external exhaust valve – which allows you to immediately release the accumulated air.
    This speeds up the packing of the mattress.
  • A plug that additionally protects the check valve.

Thanks to this construction, pumping and, equally importantly, folding the mattress is very easy. Inflating the mattress is about 5 breaths, which usually takes about 15sec a minute.

For pumping, we recommend a dedicated Bushmen pump & bag.

Bushmen Pump & Bag:

A simple and practical waterproof bag with an air-mat pump feature. The valve at the bottom of the bag allows you to use Pump&BAG e.g. as a tap with water, a vacuum bag, a rescue buoy. A very functional complement to your camping equipment. A smart feature of a valve at the bottom of the bag gives many new possibilities.

Pump&BAG is made of 20D nylon with a TPU coating. The side seams are welded. that guarantees full waterproofness here. The edges of the bag opening are stiffened on both sides. That increases water tightness and facilitates its rolling. When closed properly, the bag has an IP67 waterproof code.

It protects the equipment against moisture (e.g. sleeping bags, top quilts, documents, etc.) After loading the bag, the closing is done by rolling the upper edge of the bag 3 times and closing the buckle. The bag has a capacity of 12L. Thanks to the valve, the bag have also several other functions such as:

  • Handy air-mat pump
  • Vacuum bag
  • Rescue buoy
  • Water Tank
  • Pillow

Dimensions: 60 × 35 × 1 cm

By buying this product bundle, you will save 10.01 $ compared to buying the products separately.

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