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Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 3 x 3 m

Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 3 x 3 m

Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 3 x 3 m
Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 3 x 3 m
Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 3 x 3 m
Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 3 x 3 m
Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 3 x 3 m



Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 3 x 3 m Dark olive
Dark olive
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Colour: Dark olive

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Product description

ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 3×3 by BUSHMEN Travel Gear – a new reference point in the ULTRALIGHT category. It’s one of the absolutely lightest on the market full-size (3mx3m) tarp. It weighs only 425g.

If you are fed up with every unnecessary gram you need to carry with you, ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 3×3 / dark olive is a real treat for you.

Everything is ULTRA-light here – we made sure that even the puller is ultra-light. It weighs less than 0.5 g. We checked – exactly 0.4831g! When it is packed, the tarp takes very little space – as much as 1l bottle.

Thanks to this, it works well as an element of ultralight equipment for a walker, as well as a bicycle tourist, canoeist, etc. Generally, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is absolutely the equipment for you.

The tarp is sewn using 100% waterproof ultralight 15D silnylon reinforced with a micro rip-stop. The waterproof silicone layer provides immunity up to 2500mm H2O. There are 19 characteristic loops arranged around and 3 through the middle of the tarp. This is what the tarp should have The middle sewing line and the loops are reinforced and secured with a special black tape. The tape is hot-welded, and therefore, it permanently bonds with the silicone layer creating strong watertight ridge. This technology ensures that the tarp is fully waterproof and strengthened at this point. As added 6 pulling lines (3m each) with the tensioning system and a bag with transport handles.

Specially designed loops are much easier to use than the classic ones. The characteristic clearance between the loop tapes not only makes it easier to work in difficult conditions but also allows the tape to better fit around the lashings. An inconspicuous change in the construction of the loop also allows to better/wider distribute forces acting on the tarp edges. For this reason, we could resign from sewn reinforcements on the sides without losing strength. The loops on the corners are the most exposed to overloading, therefore we left traditional reinforcements, thanks to which our tarps are even stronger.

Tensioning system

What’s important – the set includes 6 cords with unique tensioners. For this reason, the correct tarp tensioning is quite simple and can be done directly at the tarp loops. The tensioners are fastened to the loops currently in use simply by hooking them on the loop. The loops and the tensioners are matched to each other. Having hooked, the tensioner holds perfectly. This solution allows using the tensioners where they are needed and are not an unnecessary tarp load. To attach the pullers, simply select the cable on the tensioner to obtain the desired tarp tension.

Transportation bag

The bag, in which the tarp is put, is equipped with handles and loops. They are placed both along and on the bottom of the bag. The handles allow you to comfortably attach the tarp sack to your backpack without fear of accidentally slipping during transport. They make it easy to carry and remove from places such as a kayak’s beak or just between different luggage. In addition, by interweaving the hammock’s ridgeline by the loops, the bag can be used as a convenient pocket for things that you want to have at hand. Having folded the sheet, it takes up very little space, it fits in a 1l bag. The size of 20 x 10 x 10 cm allows it to be put in the outer pocket of the backpack.

ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 3×3 / dark olive can be pitched in many ways due to the convenient layout of the loop. It provides convenience and protection in every situation. Using the surroundings (trees, rocks, depressions) and trekking poles, paddles, bicycles, or just sticks, you can create a great tent perfectly adjusted to the location and weather. In extremely bad weather, you can create an “assault tent” in a few moments. Such a shelter fully insulates both from the ground and from every other side.

ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 3×3 / dark olive is, of course, an excellent protection when using a hammock (e.g. BushBed hammock). It can be used, for example, as a roof covering to protect against rain and wind.


  • Dimensions 3×3 m
  • 19 loops (16 around + 3 through the middle)
  • Weight 425g (+ tensioning system)
  • Water-resistant
  • Packed 20x10x10
  • 6 tensioning cords

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 220 x 110 x 110 mm.

Number of people
1, 2

Shelter type

0.425 kg (with sales package 0.50 kg)

Country of origin

Anonymous 22.7.2022
Overall rating
The subject is waiting for the end of the mosquito season
Anonymous 15.6.2022
Overall rating
Very good Quality and realy ultra light
Anonymous 2.6.2022
Overall rating
small, nice tarp, silnylon, many attachment points, the ultralight version. If you want a more sturdy tarp, go with the thermo tarp products, they are great too!
Bernard A. 20.5.2022
Overall rating
Receipt of parcels in France in 4 days at a relay point. Very correct. Product tried in test mode not yet in real situation, a perimeter reinforcement would be desirable but would weigh down the fabric. Ultra-light stakes could be offered as an option. I recommend this product and the distributor.
THIERRY C. 4.5.2022
Overall rating
Super tarp, light, solid and consistent with the descriptions.
Anonymous 28.4.2022
Overall rating
Very good!
Anonymous 16.2.2022
Overall rating
Good product arrived quickly.
Sunny W. 28.1.2022
Overall rating
Lance S. 26.1.2022
Overall rating
Excellent value for money. The lightweight and low packed volume of this tarp make it something to carry even on day hikes to use as an emergency shelter . It's big enough to keep two people dry if you practice your tarpology . I use it in conjunction with a lightweight bug net in summmer and as an extra rain shelter in winter. Fantastic product.
Anonymous 14.12.2021
Good and light tarper based on the first test. It is impossible to say about sustainability on the basis of these tests.
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