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Bushmen Vagabond Mosquito net

Bushmen Vagabond Mosquito net

Bushmen Vagabond Mosquito net
Bushmen Vagabond Mosquito net
Bushmen Vagabond Mosquito net
Bushmen Vagabond Mosquito net

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Bushmen Vagabond Mosquito net Black
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Colour: Black

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Product description

Ultra-light insect protection – only 220g. You can use it both with a mattress and a hammock.

Maximum dimensions:

  • hammock 3,3m x 1,5m
  • mattress 2m x 0,6m

Vagabond mosquito net is a 220g of a well-designed net that protects you from insects both when you sleep on a mattress and in a hammock. Finally, without uninvited guests like ticks in your hair or earwigs. And most importantly, without buzzing, itchy, biting insects.

Vagabond mosquito net – The most important part is a mesh designed to tightly wrap a hammock or mattress. Dense mesh with a diameter of 0,7mm guarantees full safety not only against mosquitoes, ticks, and worms but even against blackflies. Eylets diameter – 0,7mm – it means 196/cm2.

The main hole – entrance

When entering the hammock or lying on the mattress you can close the entrance hole with a welt tightly around the sides of the hammock or mattress. In that way, you will create effective protection against mosquitoes. The nylon hem prevents trash from sticking and significantly increases the durability of the mosquito net. The other two openings are at the top of the mosquito net. They are used to set up the attached ridgeline and the ropes for hanging the hammock. Ridgeline is a string with adjustable tension on which the mosquito net is hung, it makes the ridge of the roof. The ridgeline has a unique system of adjusting it after entering the hammock. You can perfectly tighten it so that the mosquito net is as high as possible. Both entry and exit are very easy. Release the puller and lift the mosquito net up.

Use the Vagabond mosquito net on a hammock:

When you will already hang the hammock, place the mosquito net loosely on the hammock.

  1. set-up the ridgeline between the hammock carabiners.
  2. Pass the ridgeline and the hammock rope through the holes at the top of the mosquito.
  3. Attach the ends of the mosquito net to the carabiner and close the holes by welts.

Done – we enter / exit the hammock by loosening the welt and lifting the mosquito net.

While lying in a hammock:

  1. Tighten the ridgeline so you will lift up the mosquito net to the optimal height.
  2. Pull the welt located in the apron at the bottom of the mosquito net – to close it

The Vagabond mosquito net is suitable for hammocks up to 3.3 m in length.

Use the Vagabond mosquito net on the mattress:

You can also use the mosquito net as protection against all kinds of bugs on the ground. When you will set up the mattress, quilt/sleeping bag, tarp, etc.

  1. Pass the ridgeline through the slot of the bag and a through the other end of the mosquito net.
  2. Set-up the ridgeline mosquito net between the poles, about 60 cm high (+/- at knee height) (under the tarp if we use it)
  3. Pull the apron of the mosquito net tightly around the mattress so that the apron is at the bottom of the mattress.
  4. Done – go in / out under the mosquito net by loosening the welt and lifting the mosquito net.


  • Weight 220g
  • Dimensions: 3,1mx 1,5m
  • Dimensions in a 20x10cm bag
  • Set consist – ridgeline

Maximum dimensions:

  • hammock 3,3m x 1,5m
  • mattress 2m x 0,6m

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 200 x 150 x 100 mm.


0.22 kg (with sales package 0.50 kg)

Country of origin

Niko S. 8.8.2022
Overall rating
A functioning mosquito net.
Paul Rauno M. 23.4.2022
Overall rating
in these open always the same problem, you bugs may not let go if you are careless. so don't be. You can't use the plus in the country either.
Jutta R. 19.12.2021
Overall rating
Works well and is lightweight. It was convenient to install and comfortable when the brush cord can be adjusted indoors. Fits well with TTTM lightest independent.
Yannick P. 30.11.2021
Overall rating
Anonymous 1.9.2021
Overall rating
On a single use basis, mosquitoes were kept out. It was easy to install as long as the carpet had its own brush cord. No instructions for use came with it, so I couldn’t use the included cord, which was too thin for the brush cord and broke. However, the network itself was so simple that it did not need separate instructions. If the carpet hangs too much, then the net may not cover properly.
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