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We founded the pStyle Company in 2006 to promote products that have had a tremendous positive impact on our lives. Stand to pee devices and menstrual cups have come a long way since then, but they are not yet mainstream. We aim to keep changing that narrative with our work.

Our own experience and that of our customers is a testament to the power of the pStyle to change lives. From Antarctica to our own backyards, on the trail or on the job, we’re drinking more water and not worrying about where to go.

pStyle enthusiasts have amazed and inspired us for the past 12 years! We respond to every email we get whether its a question, suggestion, or love letter, so please keep writing to us.

- the pStyle team

Our Mission
  • To promote the comfort, health, and safety of women, non-binary, and trans people.
  • To reduce waste with reusable products.
  • To do business in ways that promote intersectional feminist ethics and sustainability.

PStyle Stand to Pee
PStyle Stand to Pee
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