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Jack Pyke

Here at Jack Pyke we have been involved in the outdoor market for over 20 years, so we have the experience, the knowledge, the resources and the feedback to offer you a fantastic product range manufactured using quality materials at affordable prices.

One of the brands most distinguishable features is our own camoflage patterns. We supply clothing and accessories in three key patterns - English Oak, English Woodland & Wild Trees Grasslands. Our English Oak pattern is our original pattern developed to cover the UK's long autumn/winter period whilst the English Woodland pattern was developed in response to requests for something more green to suit our lush spring/summer seasons. Our Wild Trees Grassland pattern uses reeds, grasses, brush and leaves, in light to medium browns with small pieces of green foliage ideal for camouflage amongst reeds, grass and harvested crops. For more information please visit the 'Camo Patterns' section of our site.

As always we are continually launching new items into our range, so keep your eyes open for reviews and news in magazines, Facebook & Youtube.

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