Every flashlight made by MagLite, represents one man's abiding commitment to product quality, and to the cause of keeping flashlight-industry manufacturing jobs in America.
A champion of free enterprise and U.S.-based manufacturing, Anthony Maglica is the President of MagLite and the creator of the Mag lite® flashlight, now an icon of classic American design.

Armed with only his talent, his determination and his reverence for hard work, Tony Maglica set out in pursuit of the American Dream when he founded Mag-Lite Instrument in 1955. When he went on to design and manufacture a product that revolutionized an industry, he realized that Dream in full. In his ongoing pursuit of innovative technology, quality products, design and the customer service to back them up, Mr. Maglica has found a strategy that not only creates worldwide demand for his own company's products, but can also, he believes, help other American companies to build worldwide demand for their products while preserving American manufacturing jobs.

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