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Velocity Systems SCARAB™ LE, Ranger Green, Large, SCARAB Cummerbund



Coyote Brown
Ranger Green
Wolf Grey


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SCARAB Cummerbund

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Tuotteen kuvaus
Patented swivel shoulder straps with D-ring attachments (US Patent No. 9,894,962)

Front flat kangaroo pouch and removable front flap

Admin pouch with two rows of MOLLE webbing on front chest

Integrated SwiftClip® buckles for rapid don/doff of auxiliary chest worn equipment (i.e. Chest Rigs & SwiftClip® Placards)

Loop panel and drag handle on upper rear

Four rows of MOLLE webbing on lower rear

Secure plate pockets, Velcro® Brand flap closer and interior strap

Sized to hold SAPI plates of corresponding size

Three Cummerbund Options: SCARAB™ LT/LE Cummerbund | Low-Profile Elastic (CBN1) | Molle, Plate Pocket (CBN6)

The quarter flap setup is an optional accessory

The SCARAB™ LE is made of 500 Denier Cordura with a mesh interior lining for increased breathability and features the same Velocity System patented swivel shoulder straps as the SCARAB™ Light (US Patent No. 9,894,962). The narrow ULTRAcomp™ shoulder straps articulate on a D-ring and can be adjusted to fit the operators preferred length allowing them to sit correctly and comfortably on any user, regardless of neck width or shoulder broadness. The shoulder straps come with padded sleeves that add comfort and can also be used for cable routing. All the hook and loop material used is color matching Velcro® Brand Fasteners.

The front lower half of the SCARAB™ LE has an integrated flat kangaroo pouch with a removable front flap and three rows of loop MOLLE webbing. The chest has an admin pouch with two rows of MOLLE webbing and Velocity Systems SwiftClip® Attachment System for rapid don/doff of auxiliary chest worn equipment (i.e. Chest Rigs & SwiftClip® Placards). The back of the SCARAB™ LE has a color matching loop panel and a drag handle at the top and four rows of MOLLE webbing at the bottom.

Front and rear hard armor plate pockets have adjustable internal plate suspension straps and a Velcro® Brand flap closer to secure the plates. The SCARAB™ LE is sized to hold SAPI plates of corresponding sizes to the carrier. All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA. To increase the modularity of the SCARAB™ Light there are 3 cummerbund options! Three (3) Cummerbund Options: SCARAB™ Light Cummerbund | Low-Profile Elastic Cummerbund (CBN1) | Molle, Plate Pocket Cummerbund (CBN6) - The quarter flap setup Is not included with the SCARAB™ LE, it is an optional accessory.

The Cummerbunds all have Velcro® Brand One-Wrap® fingers that slide inside the button holes on the rear of the SCARAB™ Light carrier and affix to the interior wall of the plate pocket. 1” of Multi-Layer Elastic is built into each cummerbund finger to give some stretch. Each finger can independently be let in or out of the plate bag to accommodate different body figures, and they can be angled for correct armor placement. ** All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.

SCARAB™ LT/LE Cummerbund is a lightweight and breathable cummerbund with MOLLE webbing on the exterior and interior.

The SCARAB™ Light Low-Profile Elastic Cummerbund (CBN1) features an elastic slick design for low profile use.

The SCARAB™ Light Molle, Plate Pocket Cummerbund (CBN6) features three rows of MOLLE webbing on the outer side / Three internal elastic mag pouches / Soft armor pocket with Velcro® Brand closure / Plate pocket holds 6”x6” side plates when Side Plate Retention Strap is used (CBN6 does not come with Side Plate Retention Straps)

Sizing for the SCARAB™ LT/LE Cummerbund:

GENERAL SIZING Small Medium Large X-Large
Front Flap 6 column 7 column 8 column 9 column
Quarter Flaps 3 column 4 column 5 column 6 column

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