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Ozone Race Buoy

Captcha€tai osamaksulla alkaen 16.53 €/kk + toimituskulut


Toimitusaika arviolta 7 - 30 vrk.

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Arviolta 7 - 30 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on erittäin hyvä.

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Tuotteen kuvaus
Race Series Inflatable Buoy with weight bag has been developed to help encourage anyone to set up a world championship race course or a fun race course at your local beach. Race buoy is inexpensive and pumps up using your normal kite pump.
  • Easy inflate / deflate valves on top
  • 4x Anchor webbing attachments
  • 2x webbing handles on top
  • 0.95m x 0.95m Size
We recommend using 7kg of weight attached to the webbing loops directly below the Buoy. This gives enough weight to keep the Buoy upright even in strong winds. You can use any weight that is easy to handle as long as it has no sharp edges to puncture the Race Buoy’s internal bladder.
The basic rule for anchoring is the length of the anchor line to be 3 x the depth of the water. We recommend to use a Danforth Anchor for its superior holding abilities in all types of seabeds. The optimum setup is to have the Danforth Anchor with approx 2-3m of chain and rope to the Buoy.

1 kg (Sisältää mahdollisen myyntipakkauksen painon)

12 kk


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