Hilleberg: When we wrote the introduction to last year’s version, we were quite excited about all the positive things that were going around us. As we write this, however, the outlook is not quite so optimistic.
But despite all the uncertainty in the world, it seems that people are still making their outdoor life a high priority– perhaps even more so than before. To put on ones backpack and head out into the outdoors under ones own power, and to appreciate both the natural world and the unconstrained company of others is probably one of the best counterbalances for the overwhelmingly gloomy news in the media. Nature and outdoor pursuits offer stressed out people a necessary and calming perspective in our turbulent times. One sign of this for us is that the demand for our products is higher than ever. Of course we appreciate any trend that moves the outdoors to the forefront, but we believe that our success is also a result of our long term commitment to quality and product development.

All our work, however, would be for nothing if it was not for you, our customers! During our nearly 40-year company history, the tight-knit relationship we have with our customers has always been crucial to us, and we have made innumerable close connections as well as friends through our work.
Our customers have given us much appreciated feedback and encouragement, and we would like to thank you for all the letters we have received throughout the years. We are also humbled by the
fact that the best advertising and marketing a company can get is happy customers. So we will continue to work hard to earn the trust that outdoor enthusiasts all over the world have shown us by choosing our products.

This year’s new products are an exciting mix. The biggest news is the Altai, which was designed as a gathering shelter for larger groups, and that weighs only 2.2 kg/4 lbs 13 oz! It is the perfect solution when your group is using separate tents but you also want a protected area for cooking, planning, and socializing together (and generally having a good time). The Altai can be built using skis and poles or branches, and it can be suspended from above. There are also optional, dedicated poles available if you need them. The optional center pole for the Altai can serve double duty as an excellent tarp pole, something we have been asked about. For the Nallo 2, 3 and 4, the Akto and the
Unna we are also debuting inner tents made completely from mesh for those traveling in really hot areas. All are sold as separate accessories. The Unna Mesh Inner Tent is especially great on its own when one needs a clean sleeping area and protection from insects. Lastly, our popular Tarp UL will now be available in red, something we have had much demand for.

Again, to all our customers past and present, thank you for the confidence you have in our products and your enthusiasm for the outdoors. We hope you enjoy this latest edition of our Tent.


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